Orthodontic Treatments to Re-align Your Crooked Teeth and Restore Your Perfect Smile

Orthodontic Treatments to Re-align Your Crooked Teeth and Restore Your Perfect Smile

Nothing makes you feel uncomfortable in your mouth, like crowded or crooked teeth. You are never sure whether to contact your dentist for the extraction or get orthodontic treatment. Dr. Dana Samet is an expert dentist who utilizes current techniques and technology to help her patients re-align their teeth and restore their desired smiles. Working with a team of experts, these dental professionals deal in various teeth alignment options including:


Invisalign is your best teeth-straightening option if you want a discreet treatment. Unlike braces and wires that are likely to draw people’s attention to your teeth, no one will notice you have an aligner if you fail to share your secret. While most teens and children will opt for dental braces, adults are more likely to prefer Invisalign over traditional braces. This is because Invisalign has several advantages including:

  • Invisibility. Very few grown-ups would wish to attract their audience’s attention with braces.  Invisalign are invisible and are unlikely to destruct your audience and force them to focus on your teeth.
  • Comfort. Invisalign trays are comfortable and very efficient, thanks to the smooth material that makes them. Your dentist will also ensure that the thermoplastic trays perfectly fit your mouth and teeth. Apart from making it easy for you to brush your teeth, Invisalign makes your everyday life more convenient.
  • Improves your dental health. Since the trays are removable, you can easily remove them anytime you wish to floss or brush your teeth. The trays are also easy to wash. To prevent a build-up of food particles, you can always remove and rinse them with your toothbrush before popping them back. Additionally, you will not have to worry about teeth discoloration.  
  •  Time-saving. Unlike other teeth straightening options that will require you to have several dental appointments, you will have fewer appointments with Invisalign. 
  • There are no food restrictions and diet changes. Various teeth-straightening orthodontic options could force your dentist to restrict you from sticky, chewy, or hard-to-bite foods. However, the specialist is unlikely to stop you from enjoying your favorite foods when you have Invisalign trays.

Metal braces

Having a proper jaw alignment and straight teeth is a nightmare every individual with overcrowded and crooked teeth has. You are likely to find it hard cleaning your teeth when they are uneven, which could pave the way for dental problems like tooth decay. Therefore, your dentist might recommend metal braces to correct your crowded teeth to lessen your hustle of cleaning your teeth.

Traditional braces’ major advantage is the power they give your dentist to gradually move your teeth in small increments. Additionally, you will never have to worry about losing your aligners because your dentist firmly fixes the braces to your teeth.

 However, braces come with recommendations on how to care for them. First, your doctor will prohibit you from sticky, crunchy, and hard foods likely to damage your braces. To help you care for the aligners, your dentist will recommend possible foods to help maintain your braces’ good shape. You might also need to make various dental appointments with your dentist for possible adjustments.  

Crooked and overcrowded teeth can make you self-conscious. You will constantly note people are focusing their attention on your teeth and not on your smile and any other part of your face. For more on your orthodontic treatment options, contact the experts or schedule an appointment today.

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