Must Have Items for Your Golf Collection

Must Have Items for Your Golf Collection

In addition to enjoying rounds of golf, passionate golf enthusiasts also appreciate and gather golf collectibles. Some mementos are great reminders of terrific rounds of golf, friends through the years, and other fun events. Keepsakes from different golf courses, trips, and tournaments is a uniting bond of many golfers.

You do not want to just fill shelves with things that will gather dust, nor do you want to have regrets of not collecting treasured memories. Golf collections can include a vast selection of items. Many collectibles can also add ambiance to your home. Golf art is a wonderful way to establish an atmosphere in your rooms or home.

Keep reading for some ideas to add to or start your golf collection.

Golf Art

Golf art is a broad category. Art can include paintings, posters, drawings, and on. Thinking about what images you would want on your walls or as sculptures is more important than the medium used. Art can be serious to fun-loving images. Decide what type of feeling you want in your rooms. Maybe vibrant colors or somber colors matter to you. You can quickly change the tenor of your room with a few pieces of golf art.

Next, think through the types of images you want. Golf art can be illustrations that depict the evolution of golf equipment. Or you might want photographs of incredible moments in the game of golf. Pictures or drawings of courses are always a great option. So many well-known courses are located amidst breath-taking scenery. Maps of courses is another feature to consider adding to your collection.

Logo Balls

Many tournaments, their sponsors, and golf courses have golf balls with logos imprinted on them. This is a great way to keep track of different courses that you play on. There are display racks that you can purchase. Your collection of logo balls will look terrific hanging on your wall near some of your golf art.


With computers, pencils may not be used as much in other fields; however, in golf, keeping your scorecard and signing the scorecard is vital. Pencils still hold the value to golfers. Frequently, the course name is stamped on the pencil. Shorter than most pencils, these 3.5 inch souvenirs can take golfers on a trip back down memory lane. There are display units that you can purchase to show-off your collection.


Along with the pencils, scorecards are part of the cost of playing a round of golf. As collectibles, both can be considered free to add to your memorabilia. Scorecards are a great way to track your progress as a golfer. Many scorecards have pictures or illustrations of the course or clubhouse. Framing the most significant scorecards in a collage would be a fun way to display the courses that you have played.

Golf Gear

Keeping those favorite hats, shirts, or other golf clothing with logos is another collectible to consider. Most courses sell golf gear in their pro shops that you can purchase. Often, tournaments will have special shirts available as part of the tournament fee. Wearing golf gear with logos from special events is another terrific, but wearable, golf collectible.

Daniel Pauly