Most Obvious Signs Your Suspension Is Failing

Most Obvious Signs Your Suspension Is Failing

One of the most stressful parts about any car repair is not knowing exactly what’s wrong when you take it to the shop. However with a suspension, the symptoms are there if you know what to look for. Here are several of the most obvious signs you’ll experience when your car’s suspension is failing.

Feeling Every Bump on the Road

You could blame a bumpy road on potholes, but if every little bump feels bone-jarring, it might be time for suspension work Lakewood CO. This is especially true if you hear a clunking noise with every bump. When a suspension is good, your ride will feel smooth and uneventful.

Car Dips When Stopping

When you bring your car to a stop for a red light, a classic symptom of suspension system trouble is when the front dips or nosedives. This is an unsafe situation that could prevent you from stopping in an emergency. If the car also drifts when turning, it’s time to get it into the shop.

Excessive Bouncing

Another telltale sign of a bad suspension is excessive bouncing whenever you hit a bump and you can test this yourself. Put your car in park and push down on the front or back of the vehicle. If it bounces more than a few times after being released, your suspension is probably going bad.

Car Looks Uneven

Have you ever gone out to the car and noticed it looks uneven? This could be the result of a broken spring that makes one corner sit lower than the rest. If you’ve noticed this in conjunction with clunks when you hit a bump, your suspension needs to be looked at immediately.

A suspension system that’s not working properly makes for an unpleasant ride. If your car is dipping, drifting or sits crooked, a suspension repair is in order.


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