Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Tucson

Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Tucson

Car accidents have become the tenth leading cause of death across the United States. Unfortunately, they are very devastating and yet very common. Moreover, car accidents can lead to severe injuries, including brain and spinal cord damages that can even be permanent. Yes, some car accidents can even be fatal depending on the type and extent of collision. Different types of car accidents are reported in Tucson, including hit and run cases, drunk driving, and fatal accidents. If you or your dear ones encounter a car accident, you better go to a Tucson auto accident attorney to get enough and deserving compensation.

You might now think why you should seek a lawyer after car accidents. Those who have previously been injured severely from a car accident know how devastating it can be mentally and physically. A car accident brings immense loss to your life. Therefore, life after a car accident will never be the same if you are seriously injured and might not be able to recover from it without substantial financial support. An accident attorney will help you get deserving compensation from the defendants for supporting your life after a car accident.

Let us now see the most common types of car accidents that take place in Tucson.

  • Hit and run accidents

Although the injuries and damages of all car accident types can be extensive, the case of hit and run car accidents can be a bit above all other types of car accidents. What makes hit and run accidents worse is that the driver at fault will not stop after the accident. In such a case, both the anxiety and physical injuries will be extensive. In addition, if there were no victims to the accident, then the injured individual might not be provided medical help for a long period.

  • Distracted driving accidents

Distracted driving obviously cannot be accepted by any chance. In modern times, with the introduction of mobile phones into our lives, the number of distracted driving accidents has increased dramatically. In most cases of distracted driving, texting and driving have been found to be the primary cause.

  • Drunk driving

Drunk driving is another type of car accident that is widely reported and, at the same time, cannot be accepted anyways. Surprisingly, almost 28 people die in the United States every day due to accidents caused by drunk driving. In accidents caused due to drunk driving. In such cases, the drunk driver is responsible for all the losses made, including the costs of injuries made to passengers on the other car or pedestrians

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