Making the Most of Your Multi-Purpose Bedroom

Making the Most of Your Multi-Purpose Bedroom

Almost everyone has one multi-purpose bedroom in their house: one part guest room, one part office, one part home gym and maybe one part hobby room. All of these necessary uses (and the gear that goes with them) can make it feel cramped and difficult to manage at times, so here are a few ways to maximize the space in a multi-purpose room.

Make it Move

One of the best ways to ensure your space is as multi-purpose as it needs to be is to add several heavy duty swivel caster wheels to the bottom of all of the primary furniture: the guest bed, the office desk, the craft table and everything else you can think of. These make it a cinch to change up the orientation of the room based on whatever you need to use it for that day and allowing you to easily switch it back when you’re finished.

Add Storage Space

When making a multi-purpose room work, it’s crucial to have lots of storage space. An organized closet is a must, but consider adding a shelving unit with baskets and possibly some cabinets to keep help wrangle all of your gear. It can be tricky getting it all to work harmoniously at first when you have a lot of gear in one room, so err on the side of too-generous with the storage, that way you can troubleshoot the organization until you get it just right. If you still find yourself needing a little more room, add in some clever storage solutions, such as under-bed storage, hanging storage for the closet or floating shelves.

Keep it Compact

If you’re still running low on square footage, it might be wise to re-think your furniture. For example, a futon might be able to serve the same purpose as a guest bed, but on a day-to-day basis it takes up a lot less space. A hobby table is great if you have enough room, but a folding table (or wall-mounted fold-down table) might be a better bet. Pare down your pieces so they make the space work for you, not the other way around.

A multi-purpose room is a great addition to any house. Your spare room really can do double-duty or triple-duty as needed, it just takes a little bit of creativity. By being intentional about the way you design and arrange the room, you can turn this room into one you can enjoy day after day.


Danny white