Lifeline Phone Programs in Oklahoma

Lifeline Phone Programs in Oklahoma

Today more than ever, people are dependent on their mobile phones. Many people do not have computers and use their mobile phones to stay in touch with family and friends, pay bills, and conduct business on their mobile devices.

While there are many companies offering phone deals, they tend to be expensive. Unless you have a good-paying job, they can be cost-prohibitive for those on fixed incomes.

Thankfully, several programs offer low income cell service Oklahoma. They offer special rates for tribal and non-tribal members, and those prices are very affordable. The phones themselves have no start-up fee and cost very little to refill once the initial time and data are used. There are government and state programs that offer free, or affordable phones to those financially struggling.

The Lifeline Phone Program?

Some programs give free phones to those in need of mobile phones. The Lifeline Phone Program will give a free or very affordable phone to those that are members of government programs such as:

  • SNAP food stamp program
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental security income
  • Federal public housing assistance
  • Veteran benefits

Do not be out of touch with those you love because you cannot afford a phone. There are options available if you research to find them or contact a local government agency.


Daniel Pauly