Laser Lipo Vs CoolSculpting in Brooklyn – Which Is the Best Choice

Laser Lipo Vs CoolSculpting in Brooklyn – Which Is the Best Choice

CoolSculpting and Laser Lipo are the two most popular cosmetic procedures, which help you to get rid of extra body fat from various parts of your body. In short, they are used to remove fat under your skin. Besides, both of them have their own pros and cons. 

It is CoolSculpting, which is more preferred by people. Before discussing the pros and cons of Laser Lipo and CoolSculpting here is a quick suggestion to you. Hire a Coolsculpt in Brooklyn from a specialty center like Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center. They are also famous for facials and laser treatment. 


Both Laser Lipo and CoolSculpting are effective when it comes to producing the results. Besides, whether you try CoolSculpting or Laser Lipo, it is important to make changes to your diet and lifestyle. Otherwise, you may experience fat buildup again. 


When it comes to the cost, CoolSculpting is more affordable than Laser Lipo. Besides, their prices vary depending on the healthcare professional you choose. 


CoolSculpting shows the results quicker than Laser Lipo. In fact, you don’t have to wait for weeks together to experience the results in the case of CoolSculpting. When it comes to Laser Lipo, you have to wait for a longer time to experience results. Both of them are used to remove fat from certain body parts like chin, stomach, upper arms and upper thighs. 

Recovery Time

Compared to Laser Lipo the recovery time for CoolSculpting is very less. People who got CoolSculpting treatment done can return back to their work on the same day itself. 


It is common to experience some side-effects in both cases. However, you may experience severe side-effects in the case of CoolSculpting.


It is less likely to feel any discomfort during Laser Lipo treatment. However, in case of CoolSculpting you may experience little discomfort. 

The below individuals should avoid taking this type of treatment.

  • Both breastfeeding and pregnant women must avoid this treatment.
  • If you recently had any surgery then you must avoid this type of treatment. Otherwise, you may experience some serious side-effects. 
  • People with blood clots must also avoid these treatments. 
  • People with neurological disorders must also avoid this type of treatment. 

Avoid Laser Lipo if you –

  • Have heart problem.
  • Menstruate heavily. 
  • Have diabetes. 
  • Have implants. 

Choose whichever treatment you are most comfortable with from the above listed options and take your appointment online!

Daniel Pauly