Joint Injections: The Last Resort for All Your Joint Aches

Joint Injections: The Last Resort for All Your Joint Aches

Joint pain is either inflammation, discomfort, or general pain in parts including muscle, tendons, cartilage bone, and ligaments. At Pacific Sports and Spine in Eugene, OR, we provide patients with expert interventional pain plans. For joint injections in Eugene, contact our experienced physicians for sessions and consultations. 

You could also visit our team, which guarantees to provide you with different joint injections designed for various pain treatment regimens. We want to facilitate your comprehensive understanding of joint injections through this overview but feel free to consult our offices for specific case treatment. 

 What Are Joint Injections?

Joint injections could be the last plan your doctor might use when other existing anti-inflammatory treatments fail. They are effective treatments used on inflamed joints for patient recovery and comfort. During its administration, the pain management specialist injects an anesthetic and steroid into a painful joint. We recommend the invasive medication to patients that have exhausted conventional treatment, including pain relievers.

What Are the Different Types of Joint Injections?

Our pain management facility works with professionals that give various joint injections, including:

  • Facet Joint Injections- Irritation of facet joints located along the spine might cause back pain. Getting the facet joint injection facilitates the finding and eliminating the source of the pain. 
  • Sacroiliac joint injection- This specific injection treats any pain along the sacroiliac region. When untreated, this joint pain might cause pain in your glutes, legs, groin, or lower back area. 
  • Knee steroid injection- These steroid injections alleviate any knee pain. As a joint especially attacked by arthritis, Pacific Sports and Spine specialists provide their patients with this pain-relieving treatment. 
  • Hip joint injections- Our team might administer this injection when a patient experiences pain caused by hip damage or arthritis. 

Apart from these injections, we also offer other injections to reduce ankle, elbow, and shoulder pain. 

What Does a Joint Injection Procedure Involve?

The treatment takes up less than one hour each session. Your pain management practitioner might instruct you to lie down on the exam table for certain procedures. The team might also administer an anesthetic that numbs the injection site before proceeding with your scheduled joint injection. 

Our doctors use X-ray guidance imaging throughout the session to insert the needle in the affected joint for accuracy. They proceed to inject a clinically approved contrast agent which facilitates visibility enhancement. The specialist then injects the corticosteroid to provide relief.

After your injection, we recommend staying at our office for short-term monitoring before going home. However, you could walk after the joint injection; our physicians tell patients to have someone drive them home. 

When Should I Start Noticing Changes?

You should realize some improvement within two to seven days after your injection. Its effects on your joint pain could vary from a few days up to months. 

If the treatment proves effective, our team recommends repeat procedures when your joint starts aching again. 


To lead a better life, you might require joint pain management injections in intervals. Contact us to receive treatment from experienced physicians at our Eugene offices. You could also reach our administrators online to book your appointment today.

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