How to store your engagement or wedding rings? Home? Or carrying out?

How to store your engagement or wedding rings? Home? Or carrying out?

Some special occupations don’t allow to wear ​unique handmade wedding rings such as workers in the food business, workers in automobile manufacturers, massage therapists, surgeons, welders, etc. So as for this group, it is important to seek a way to store their rings, especially wedding rings or engagement rings. Both jewelry organizers and ring holder necklaces could work.


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Jewelry Organizers

Jewelry organizers are designed to keep your jewels clean, safe, and categorized. Jewelry organizers can be divided into jewelry organizer boxes, jewelry trays, jewelry stands, or any other jewelry storage items.

Jewelry Organizer Boxes

It features its large capacity while its shortcoming is also the big capacity which means it would be difficult for you to find your tree of life breast cancer necklace, just wear for special occasions.

But there are more and more Tetris-style jewelry organizer boxes sold on the market. The whole box is divided into so many small boxes and two or more layers which provide a great convenience for jewelry collectors.

Jewelry Tray

A jewelry tray can be used to place your daily jewels. People usually put them around the door or night table so they can take off their jewels once they get home or when they are going to bed. However, you should choose you the material of the jewelry tray carefully since a jewelry tray with velvet ribbon can protect your jewelry from oxidization.

Jewelry Stands

Jewelry stands are designed for hanging rings. A wide range of jewelry stands is sold on the market such as tree-shaped jewelry stands, and finger-shaped jewelry stands. You can place them in the kitchen sink, bathroom, or night table so that you will never forget where you placed your ring.

However, all the ways we have mentioned above will keep your jewels at home instead of wearing them outside. So there is another way to get your ring outside by hanging it in front of your chest. A ring holder necklace is a great invention to make your ring safe and clean.

How does a ring holder necklace work?

Ring holder necklaces are designed to hold your rings on your neck. This is a friendly creation for some special occupations such as the surgeon, welder, chef, workers in automobile manufacturer, massage therapist, etc.

Besides these special occupations, we have to take off our rings on some occasions such as washing hands, cooking or gardening.

So it is important to have a ring holder necklace since it is very easy to put your ring on a ring holder necklace without taking the chain off.

Types of ring keeper necklaces

Ring holders can be roughly divided into three categories by usage: a pendant with a spring catch, an open pendant and a big end pendant.

  1. A pendant with a spring catch. What you need to do is to open its lobster clasp or any other spring catches and snap your ring onto it without taking off your chain.
  1. An open pendant. It also allows you to put your ring onto its pendant without taking it off. Put your ring in the pendant from the open side and circle the pendant until moving to the upper side. Then hang it on the pendant. The big end-down design will make it stable and safe enough.
  1. A big end pendant. A much larger end design makes your ring hold stably. It needs you to take off your chain before putting the ring onto it.

How to put a ring on a ring holder necklace?

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How to select a ring holder necklace?

Most rings we choose to hold on a ring holder necklace have special meaning for us such as an engagement ring or a wedding band. So the most important in choosing a ring holder is how to ensure the safety of the rings. Some suggestions for selecting ring keeper are as follows.

  1. Don’t choose one with a spring catch. It allows you to snap your ring onto the ring keeper with its spring catch. Though it is convenient this way also increases the risk of losing your ring when the spring catch becomes loose.
  2. Don’t choose one with a base metal. Those ring holders made of base metals will slowly damage your ring.
  3. Select one with a thick enough chain to ensure that it won’t break easily.

Ring Holder Necklaces | YFN Jewelry

YFN Jewelry is committed to providing jewelry custom service to promote human interaction and enjoy their life.

Ring holder necklaces for the surgeon

YFN has launched several ring holders to pay their respect to healthcare workers who are the frontline soldiers after the outbreak of COVID-19. These pieces are added with medical elements such as a stethoscope or ECG, the best gifts for medical workers.

Ring Holder Necklaces for Religious Faith

Ring holder necklaces with Hamsa hand, evil eyes or cross are available. These pieces would be a perfect choice for those who have religious faith.

14k gold ring holder necklace

To meet different customers’ needs, YFN has also launched a 14K gold ring holder necklace. If you have a forgetful wife or girlfriend, investing in the gold one is probably a safe bet.

Sterling silver ring holder necklace

Almost all of the products sold at YFN are made of sterling silver, not base metals. So you don’t have to be nervous that YFN ring holders will damage your rings.

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