How to play fantasy cricket?

How to play fantasy cricket?

Games are something which everyone enjoys whether it’s indoor games or outdoor games. Games relax our minds. And if we prefer outdoor games then it also makes us fit and healthy. Games mentally awake us and our concentration level is increased. They need lot of energy and this makes us more energetic. While playing with other players increases our cooperation quality which build the quality of sportsmanship.

And most importantly teach us how to be punctual in life and teach us to follow rules and regulations.

 But this pandemic has made our life sudden still. Everything we used to do just stopped. Our life just became stagnant. And we aren’t able to play games and do many things which we do on regular basis. This made us lazy and unhealthy. This also impacts our mental health. People become depressed and this badly impacts their personal growth. Not only this, it also impacts studies.

But everything has solution and this also which is Technology. It has solved our problem and given us an online platform to play games and have fun while staying at home. Where we could play any game we like cricket, football, kabaddi and many more. Online gaming improves our concentration and analytical skills which helps in mental development. Due to this memory becomes sharpen and it also promote our conversation skills and teamwork. It is the source of entertainment with full level of convenience.  If to talk about one game that people of every age group loves is Cricket. We see people playing cricket around us. But due to lockdown, we are unable to play it.

 But with PLAY FANTASY CRICKET LEAGUE ONLINE it is possible to sit at home and play and enjoy. This is all because of technology. By playing online fantasy cricket we could not only play games but also win many prizes.

Fantasy cricket is like playing cricket but with lesser physical movements. It gives the same experience as when playing on the ground. It allows you to use your cricket knowledge and skills and win the game and many more rewards.


There are some rules which we have to follow before playing fantasy cricket. Another point under notice is:- it is legal and secure to play fantasy cricket. So, the rules are

  1. Firstly, we have to login or register ourselves through our phone number or email ID. You can make it simpler with any app like Facebook.
  1.  Select the match and click join now.
  1.  Make your team of 11 members.
  1. Select the 2 members as Captain and Vice-Captain.
  1. Start your match and see what happens based on actual performance. And try to earn more and more points and then more cash and rewards.


Rather than only playing we often look for how to with this game. So, let’s focus on winning games, not only playing. There are some norms to follow which help us to win games but not only games but many rewards, and cash, as well. It gives us a real playing experience. And while enjoying it we could earn money also it’s the best deal. If we have the unique referral code then we could start playing for free. It’s the best deal for students who want to earn while studying.

  1. Selection of batsman:-While creating a team you must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 batsmen. Depending on the pitch as if it is a batting pitch then 4-6 batsmen and if bowling pitch then 3 batsmen. While selecting the batsman look at the previous performance of both teams. And don’t select both the openers from one team only. If both the teams performed well in the previous match then select some from one and some from another. But if the one team performed well in the previous match then select more from that team and remaining from the other. Try to select the batsman who could bowl also which helps us to earn more points.
  1. Selection of bowler:-As much as it is necessary to have a good batsman it is necessary to have a good bowler too. You need to select a minimum of 3 maximum 6 bowlers. Depending upon the type of pitch on which the match is gonna happen. If the pitch is a batting pitch then select more batsmen and it is a bowling pitch then select more bowlers. Don’t select a lot of bowlers from one team mix and select. There should be one spinner in the team. And one death bowler in each team. Always choose the bowlers who have more wickets in their record list. Avoid selecting the bowlers who have a good economy rate but don’t take wickets.
  1. Selection of all-rounder:-In a team select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 all-rounders. Select the players from both the teams not from one team only. And select the player who is good in both batting and bowling. From the captain, or vice-captain one must be an all-rounder.


  1. Selection of wicket-keeper:-Select a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 wicket-keepers. They are quite interesting players. So, they earn points through both keeping and batting. Choose the player who is good at keeping and gets a chance to bat too.
  1. Selection of captain and vice-captain:-It is most important among all these. They both can change the game as the Captain gets 2× more points and the Vice-Captain gets 1.5× more points. Either captain or vice-captain must be an all-rounder. Don’t select the player as Captain who performed well in the last match as chances are less that he/she will play again. Don’t select the captain and vice-captain from the same team.

So, here are some points which one should keep in mind while playing fantasy cricket. Many apps provide you the platform to play fantasy cricket. A good platform for fantasy cricket is IPL FANTASY PREDICTION one should DOWNLOAD THE APP. Online gaming gives us an amazing experience and earns some money, enjoys and relaxes at the same time.