How To Maintain the Well on Your Property

How To Maintain the Well on Your Property

When you have a well on your property that supplies water to your home, you want to make sure the water quality is high and free of contaminants. Maintaining the well is a critical part of ensuring you and your family have the water you need readily available at all times.

Regular Inspections

A professional well service appointment can increase the functionality of the well on your property and provide you with critical information about problem areas or contamination. The yearly maintenance should include a flow test, a water test and an equipment inspection. If the well is showing signs of drying up, Tampa well drilling can determine the best location for the next well.

Water Testing

A yearly water inspection is essential to detect bacteria and other water impurities. Testing should also occur if the water changes in taste, odor or color or if anyone in the household develops gastrointestinal issues.


The area around your well needs to be kept free from fertilizers and other chemicals that may be used in your landscaping. When mowing, you need to be extra careful around the well area to prevent damage to the casing or lid. Landscaping debris, such as leaves, mulch and grass clippings, need to be removed from the area around the well. The top of the well should be at least 16 inches above the land, with the ground sloping away from it for proper drainage.

Seal Old Wells

Wells can last up to 40 years, but when they reach the end of their service life they need to be sealed to prevent issues. A professional needs to come in to seal the well properly after a new well system has been built to prevent contamination between the old and new well pathways.

Having a well on your property can provide you with excellent water quality for years when you take the time to maintain it and have it professionally serviced.

Daniel Pauly