How To Know if Assisted Living Is Right for Your Loved One

How To Know if Assisted Living Is Right for Your Loved One

A parent’s health and physical limitations may make it necessary for them to have some help with everyday activities. The level of help they need may be such that moving to an assisted living facility makes sense. Knowing when this move makes sense can be difficult, as it requires understanding not only the parent’s health but also how they handle the activities of everyday life. 

Physical and Mental State

Sometimes the parent’s disability is obviously such that living at home alone is no longer viable. With age-related dementia or Alzhiemer’s it can be harder to know when they are no longer able to live at home. Monitoring the parent by talking to them and visiting regularly is important

There are a variety of assisted living facilities Missouri offering different amenities and services. Of course certain things are basic, like meals, helping with personal hygiene, and social activities. Some elder care facilities also offer specialized memory care for patients with Alzhiemers disease or dementia. 

Activities of Daily Life

The best way of judging if you or a loved on can remain at home is to monitor how they handle activities of everyday living. Monitor activities like bathing, dressing, eating, using the bathroom, keeping their home clean, and taking medicine. Serious problems in those areas indicate that assisted living might be a good idea.

Experts on aging have a scale they use the evaluate a seniors’ability to manage their lives. You may expert help to evaluate your loved one’s condition, but the basic idea is simple enough. The evaluator would look at how often your parent has trouble with the activities described above and calculate a score.

Monitor your aging parents for signs of trouble with housework, memory, cooking, and mobility. Decide if they can still live at home or if moving to an assisted living facility makes more sense.