How To Enhance Your Inner And Outer Beauty – Astrological Tips

How To Enhance Your Inner And Outer Beauty – Astrological Tips

Every individual yearns always to look their very best. Since the first impression is the last one, you should always strive to look your most presentable and beautiful self. Not that outer beauty matters more than the inner one, it never hurts to look eye-pleasing. Neither is it considered vain or narcissistic to take measures to do things that make you feel good about how you look to others.

As per online astrology, we humans tend to make an image of every individual we come across in our heads. If I say a name familiar to you, an image of theirs will pop in your head. It is probably how they looked when you last met them. This image can be pleasant and pleasing, or it can be shabby and ugly. It all depends on how this individual chooses to dress or maintain themselves.

If you are looking for a bit of help that can give your overall appearance and aura a makeover, follow these astrological tips and always look like a breath of fresh air!

  • One of the most basic and foremost tips is to bathe every day. This is an essential step in the basic cleanliness maintenance of an individual. Further, you can add any fragrance; preferably a rose one.
  • There is nothing more crucial to our skin than water. Remember to drink lots of water and add more liquids to your diet. Besides glowing skin, you will also enjoy an aura cleanse.
  • When you seek advice in an astrology chat, they will tell you that it is considered good to watch the moon every day for about 5-10 mins when it rises in the sky. Doing so will make you feel calmer and more attractive to others. In addition, watching the sunrise early in the morning is also advised to enhance positivity in you.
  • To enhance your physical attraction and appeal, light a lamp in your home and fill it with ghee. Watching it daily will make you more attractive.
  • As per astrology, dark-coloured outfits such as black and blue should be avoided. You should also avoid eating spicy foods. You may wear lighter hues of green, blue, and other pastel colours. Wearing peridot gemstone will help enhance your physical appearance.
  • Since Venus is considered the planet of love, attraction and natural beauty, you can enhance your beauty by pleasing the goddess of Venus. Consider donating white-coloured objects, rice, wheat, and milk to the poor.
  • If you ask astrologer, they will inform you that chanting the Shukra Beej Mantra is one of the most effective and powerful methods of becoming more attractive. The mantra goes like this – “OM DRAM DROUM SHA SHUKRAYA NAMAHA “. Chant it 20,000 times in 40 days, and you will see a positive and considerable change in your personality and how people treat you. They will develop a positive impression of you and start growing fonder of you.
  • Sometimes, it can be possible that there may be negative energies and effects on Venus in your birth chart. This can harm your beauty and charm. You can eliminate these energies by donating clothes and curd to the poor. Curd and clothes denote Venus.
  • Another way of pleasing the venus goddess is by chanting the Sri Sukta mantra. Be assured of her abundant blessings in the form of a pleasing personality and enhanced attractiveness.
  • By fasting on Friday, you can please goddess Lakshmi, also the goddess of Venus. This will make the goddess happy, bring positivity in life and make you more desirable and admirable to the opposite sex.
  • Wearing a six-faced Rudraksha will strengthen Venus, remove all negativity from it and enhance physical attractiveness. All physical weaknesses causing problems will be removed by doing so.
  • Another way of strengthening Venus and boosting its qualities is by wearing diamond jewellery. Diamonds are precious gemstones that make eyes glow, voice influence and leave people in awe. You can expect the glamour quotient and grace to be at their peak.
  • According to online astrology, another way of strengthening Venus and enhancing charisma is by putting the root of Arand, also known as arand mool, around your neck.


You must have noticed some people have this fantastic and charismatic persona that lights up every place they go. These people probably have strong Venus and are blessed by the goddess of Venus in abundance. If you seek to enhance your physical attractiveness, charismatic persona and beauty, you can try these valuable astrological tips and see a positive change in your personality. Furthermore, you can also find more effective tips and methods for magnifying your inner and outer beauty only on Astroyogi.

Daniel Pauly