How to Enhance your Dog’s Safety During the Super Bowl

How to Enhance your Dog’s Safety During the Super Bowl

Everyone looks forward to the game and the fun that comes with it. But, unfortunately, this is sometimes often at the expense of the pets. Fortunately, you can do a few things to help ensure that your dogs are safe even as you enjoy the game and funfair. The good news is that these do not have to take a lot of your time or effort to achieve.

Food Should be a Major Consideration

There will be lots of nice spicy and interesting foods. However, this is not the time to explore and give your pet some to taste, even if they are too needy. Instead, ensure they stick to their diet, preferably a raw one. Get enough food stocked from Houston Raw Pet Food and avoid sharing your snacks. While some snacks may seem great for dogs, they are not good. Some of the common snacks served during the super bowl include:

  1. Chicken wings: Just because they are chicken does not mean they are good for your pets. The spices and hot sauce will not be safe for your dog. Besides, the bones can lodge in the pet’s throat and cause a problem.
  2. Appetizer toothpicks. The cheese will be inviting to the pets. However, there is the risk of the toothpick lodging in the pet’s throat, causing problems
  3. This should be an obvious one. Dog’s bodies are not made to handle alcohol, so it should not be fed to them. This can trigger diarrhea, vomiting, and hyperthermia, among others.
  4. Chip bags. These chips are not recommended for dogs. Besides that, the dogs could get trapped inside the bags as they attempt to eat the chips, not to mention that they could suffocate.

Note that most of these foods are human friendly and will also be very attractive to the pets but they are not necessarily good for them. Keep your dog safe by keeping these snacks away from them.

How to Ensure Dogs Don’t Get their Hands on the Food

Dogs will be checking the garbage and another place to get a taste of the snacks they shouldn’t. So it would be best if you deliberately ensure this does not happen.

Take care of the Garbage.

This means that as you dispose of leftovers and plates or cups, ensure you secure the garbage. The garbage must be inaccessible. Unfortunately, dogs have a heightened sense of smell and can detect smells from far away. Be careful about how you dispose of the trash since dogs can consume plastic when they try to get the leftovers. Everyone knows that plastic is harmful to them.

Take care of the Dog’s Anxiety.

Since this is when the dog will certainly be anxious, make sure to calm them down. You can give them something to help with this, such as CBD for dogs.

To avoid your dogs snacking on what they shouldn’t, give them quality food so they won’t be hungry to go to the garbage. Consider getting high quality raw pet food from Houston Raw Pet Food for this.

Paul Petersen