How Serious is Your Pelvic Problem?

How Serious is Your Pelvic Problem?

There are a lot of complications that can affect women when it comes to the female pelvic organs and the tissues or muscles that support these organs. Pelvic organs have the vital role of birth and hence are very sensitive parts of the body. Hence, it is wise to have a specialist who is skilled and understanding when having your check-ups and treatment. When looking for an Oak Lawn women’s health specialist, you can rest assured that Chicago Center for Women Health has it all for you. Following are just a few of the issues treated by the specialists there.

Urinary Incontinence 

This is a very uncomfortable problem for women. When you have urinary incontinence, you will avoid leaving your house at all costs because of how embarrassing the situation can become. If you do leave, you will isolate yourself from people and have minimal productivity. It is not easy to tell if it is the hormones or an issue with the body. This could be caused by simple hormonal changes, or it might be complications like infections or disorders of the nervous system. Therefore, you need a gynecologist who you can freely open up to and who will take their time to listen and investigate fully the cause of your problem before treatment.

Irregular Bleeding

This involves any form of bleeding that is outside the normal range of menstrual periods, with the inclusion of heavy flow, spotting, a complete absence of menstrual flow, and long or short periods. You can get this type of issue by hormonal changes as well, but it could also be caused by infections, polyps, fibroids, or even worse, cancer. These are issues that you should have checked immediately.


A common discomfort you can have as a woman is the changes in your body as it reaches menopause. Any woman is said to have reached menopause if she has not had menstrual flow for 12 months in succession. As much as it is a natural occurrence, many women experience troublesome symptoms at the time leading to menopause, which is referred to as perimenopause. Some symptoms that you could get are night sweats, dry vagina and pain during sex, insomnia, irregular periods, and low sexual desire.

Pelvic Pain

This is a problem that you should not take lightly. It could be caused by any organ in the pelvis or lower abdomen. Pain is complicated and requires a check-up to determine the main cause to avoid overlooking possible complications in the long run.

Other Signs

Other issues that you could experience include prolapse, where your pelvic organ drops and starts pushing on the vaginal wall, and urinary tract infections, which are a common problem among women but very dangerous if not treated.

In conclusion, if you are in Oak Lawn, Bedford Park, Chicago, or Naperville and experience any of these symptoms, you would want the best hands to handle your problems. For compassionate care, visit Chicago Center for Women’s Health.

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