How an All-Woman Wellness Visit Can Save Your Reproductive and Sexual Health

How an All-Woman Wellness Visit Can Save Your Reproductive and Sexual Health

Right from the time you hit puberty, your body starts to experience some changes. You may notice that your breasts are becoming bigger, hips are widening, and your pubic hair starts to grow. Understanding all the changes can only give you peace of mind if you embrace the idea of seeing a gynecologist as soon as possible. Fortunately, Nathalie Gutierrez-Prieto MD and his team at Women Healthcare Physicians of Naples are ready to take you through an all-woman exam to boost your confidence in having full control over your life. Find out why it is essential to attend a regular all-woman visit to your gynecologist.

What does all-woman wellness entail?

According to most reproductive health experts, the ideal age for the first visit to a gynecologist should be between 13 and 15. During this time, your body is exhibiting various changes. However, you may not qualify for a pelvic exam as long as you are not sexually active. Your GYN may educate you on the following topics:

Good lifestyle habits

Your gynecologist knows what is best for your body. They can enlighten you on what to eat to maintain a healthy weight. It also involves explaining what you gain from avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking.

Reproductive and sexual health

From birth control, STI testing to HPV screening, a gynecological visit can help you understand what reproductive and sexual health is all about. It also involves informing you of how typical sex organs should look, and how they function.

While a Pap smear is recommended for the age of 21 years and over, it can also be performed on younger women already sexually active. This initiative’s primary goal is to detect HPV and treat it early enough before it becomes cancerous.

What to do before the visit

A visit to your gynecologist can leave you scared because you do not know the procedures you will undergo and what type of tests will be conducted. However, not knowing whether your body is healthy should be a reason enough to gain some courage.

Before your visit, you should find out the type of services a gynecological clinic conducts. If you are going for a Pap smear, try to find out from your doctor what you need to do to run smoothly. Ideally, your doctor may want to find out about your menstrual cycle so that they can decide on what date you need to visit. If they advise you to abstain from sex or avoid douching, make sure you adhere to it.

Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist today

When it comes to your reproductive and sexual health, you should be at the forefront to ensure you make regular visits to your doctor. There is nothing to be embarrassed about finding out what is causing some of your body changes. A gynecologist is the best person to assess your body and help you to prevent any future complications. To schedule your first or return visit, call a gynecologist today.

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