Here’s why you should involve an Idaho car accident attorney

Here’s why you should involve an Idaho car accident attorney

Acting immediately after a car accident in Idaho is critical for your injury claim. If the crash happened because the other party was negligent or behaved recklessly, you could file a third-party claim with their insurer. Before you go ahead and complete the formalities, consider involving an experienced Idaho car accident attorney. Although not mandatory by law, working with an attorney can positively impact what you get in a settlement. In this post, we are sharing more details on why hiring a lawyer for your accident claim is a wise idea. 

Determining Fault

Before you can take a step, you have to figure out what or who caused the accident. Determining fault and liability can take considerable effort and time. As you recover from your injuries, an attorney can help investigate the crash and gather evidence to bolster your case. Lawyers often talk to medical experts and doctors of the victim to understand the extent and nature of injuries endured by their client. As needed, the lawyer may even decide to take help from accident reconstruction experts to determine factors that contributed to the accident. 

Negotiating like a pro

Insurance companies are not here to help you – Period. Contrary to what many people believe, insurance providers don’t always act in good faith regarding accident claims. They would try hard to downplay the extent of injuries suffered by the claimant or shift the blame to reduce their financial liability. The insurance claims adjuster may press you for a statement, and if you end up indicating anything that points at your blame, they may deny your claim. You should engage a lawyer to avoid direct conversation with the insurance provider. 

Filing a lawsuit

Accident claims are usually settled outside of court, not just in Idaho but in most states. Going to a trial could be an expensive option for the victim and other parties involved. However, you may have to file an accident lawsuit when the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement, or the claim is denied on flimsy grounds. Your lawyer can be of instrumental help to represent your case. They can offer evidence and facts to ensure that you get fair compensation. 

Not to forget, an attorney can also offer emotional support and legal guidance at a time when you are already dealing with considerable losses and a rough time. You can check for lawyers online or ask around for references.

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