Here Are Common Signs of Decreased Testosterone in Men

Here Are Common Signs of Decreased Testosterone in Men

Men have unique health complications such as reduced testosterone levels which can affect one’s life significantly. Reduced testosterone levels are one of the main issues concerning men’s health in Coconut Creek, and you are not alone if you suspect you are suffering from the condition. But there are several ways to tell if you are encountering reduced testosterone levels as it causes some physical and psychological complications, mainly as you age. Look at the following common symptoms of reduced testosterone levels to be enlightened more.

Low Sex Drive

While it is expected to experience fewer erections as you age, it is not normal to lose sex interest or fail to sustain an erection. Therefore, chat with your doctor if you are experiencing this, as reduced testosterone levels could cause it. Additionally, lowered testosterone levels can cause decreased sperm counts, decreased and low-quality erections, erectile dysfunction, low libido, and possible infertility. Watch out for such symptoms and report to your doctor.

Abnormal Body Changes

Experiencing body changes as you age is normal as it is expected that your testosterone levels will decrease gradually as you age. However, you should not experience any abnormal changes, and you should report the changes you are noticing to your doctor. You might notice your testicles have become small, and your breast is tender or swollen. If you are a young adult, you might look younger than your chronological age, and you might be void of facial or body hair. Additionally, you can experience hot flashes, changes in blood lipids, and decreased muscle mass, strength, and endurance.

Behaviour Changes

Reduced testosterone levels can cause you to experience some behavioral changes, and you might feel fatigued, experience change in your sleep pattern, or have difficulty sleeping. You can also experience some mood changes like anxiety, depression, and irritability. To some extent, you might also suffer issues with concentration, memory, or a sudden decrease in self-confidence.

Aging-related Symptoms

Aging influences your testosterone levels significantly, and it is good to understand what you can expect as you age. After age 30, research proves that your testosterone levels decrease by 1% every year, and by the time you are 45, you will have low testosterone levels. However, these levels are normal and may not have significant side effects on you. That is why you should watch out for abnormal symptoms you experience and report to your doctor to understand if they are normal.

Risk Factors

Several factors increase your chances of experiencing reduced low testosterone levels, and if you notice them in your life, you have a high chance of enduring the condition. If you are an alcoholic, please discuss with your doctor ways to reduce your intake or avoid alcohol completely to reduce your chances of experiencing low testosterone levels. Other issues associated with reduced testosterone levels include:

  • Testicular cancer
  • Testicles injuries
  • Cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Infections like HIV/AIDS
  • Chronic opiate medication use
  • Type two diabetes

Low testosterone levels in men are common, causing several issues, but the good news is that it is treatable. Reach out to Broward Specialty Group today to schedule a consultation appointment. Your provider will discuss your treatment options after your diagnosis to help you lead a quality life. 

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