Glaucoma Treatment in Hamilton 

Glaucoma Treatment in Hamilton 

Dr. Iftikhar Chaudhry in Hamilton provides complete treatment for all kinds of ophthalmological conditions, but he is pretty famous for treating glaucoma particularly. Glaucoma is an ophthalmologic condition that requires adequate treatment at the right time to avoid further complications. You can’t take risks in the case of glaucoma. Glaucoma is dangerous and may often lead to blindness if not appropriately treated.

However, glaucoma can hardly be diagnosed in its initial stages. Therefore, it is advised to keep a routine checkup for your eyes in a prominent eye care center to prevent ophthalmological conditions that gradually affect your vision without showing any symptoms, just like glaucoma. Meanwhile, certain surgical and non-surgical procedures are proven effective for glaucoma treatment.

Now let us see more into the details of glaucoma and its treatment procedures.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is known as the second leading cause of blindness in humans. It is actually a group of ophthalmologic conditions that leads to the damage of optic nerves. Glaucoma is mainly caused due to abnormal eye pressure. Sadly, in the case of glaucoma, your vision loses gradually and is only noticeable in its advanced stages. Therefore, glaucoma is commonly called the silent thief of sight. Early diagnosis of glaucoma and treatment obviously help you control the optic nerve damage and prevent vision loss due to glaucoma, up to an extent.

Treatment for Glaucoma

Different types of treatment procedures can be performed to treat glaucoma. However, all these procedures are done with a single goal to control the fluid pressure of the eyes. 

Here are three common methods ophthalmologists opt for the treatment of glaucoma:

  • Medication: Eye drops and pills are used to drain more eye fluid or reduce the production of aqueous humor in the eyes. Although effective, these anti-glaucoma drugs cause side effects such as respiratory problems and headaches in some individuals.
  • Laser surgery: Laser surgery using argon laser is found to be effective for glaucoma, even if it remains effective only for a short time. This laser surgery actually works for glaucoma as it results in better drainage of eye fluid. However, most times, laser surgery is used in conjunction with the intake of pills or usage of eye drops.
  • Surgery: Different types of surgeries, including goniotomy, trabeculectomy, and trabeculotomy, are performed to treat glaucoma. Although they have a higher success rate in treating glaucoma, they are only performed after other treatments don’t give results anymore.

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