Get to know the disorders an OBGYN can Treat

Get to know the disorders an OBGYN can Treat

When you become pregnant, the care that you develop for your child is unconditional. However, the pregnancy you are happy for can bring a great health impact on your life. For you to take care of the child and yourself as well, you need an obstetrician-gynecologist. Obstetrician gynecology is a field of health specialization where a doctor learns gynecology and obstetrician at the same time. During pregnancy, you can get a lot of diseases in your reproductive system. You need a specialist OBGYN to keep you free from diseases and ensure your baby grows as required. Fairfax, VA OBGYN specialists are the best you can hire during your pregnancy period. Below are diseases that you can get during pregnancy.

Diseases prevalent during pregnancy

You can get many diseases when you are pregnant. Some of the diseases cause no effects, while others present many effects. According to research, the most infectious diseases are those that develop in the reproductive system. However, respiratory based diseases can also be harmful if not diagnosed and treated early. Some of these diseases include;

  •  High blood pressure. When you become pregnant, a lot of your body functions change. The rate at which your blood flows may change from time to time. This disorder is prevalent in many women, and it can lead to heart diseases. Your doctor will check the rate of your heartbeat every day before anything else.
  •  Diabetes. The level of sugar in your blood may change as your diet changes. However, the primary cause of temporal diabetes is hormonal change.
  •  Hormonal change. When you become pregnant, most of your hormones misbehave. When this happens, your appetite increases, moods change, you experience morning sickness and your body size increases.
  •  Cancer. The most likely part of the body that is attacked by that cancer is the breasts. Breast cancer can be surgically treated before it progresses. Your obstetrician-gynecologist will often examine your breast to make sure that you are free from cancer.
  •  Sexually transmitted infection. When the pregnancy has not progressed too far, you and your partner may frequently have sex. If you have multiple partners, you are likely to contract STDs. Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, HPV, and syphilis are very infectious. According to research, they affect your internal reproductive system, and to an extent, you can become infertile. Additionally, these infections can make your child blind during birth. Symptoms of STDs are painless sores around your genitals, unnecessary bleeding, pain during sex, urge to urinate, and others.
  • Ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy happens when your child grows outside the uterus. It occurs when the fertilized egg is stacked in the fallopian tube. This condition can harm your child during development.

The purpose of an obstetrician-gynecologist is to protect you and your child from diseases. Some of the diseases can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. It is vital to get an experienced doctor for you to avoid other diseases. Get the best OBGYN from Capital Women’s Care center – Division 45.

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