Get Immediate Relief For a Dental Emergency in Red Bank, NJ

Get Immediate Relief For a Dental Emergency in Red Bank, NJ

Dental emergencies can occur at any time during the daytime or at night. Dental pain and injuries can cause a lot of discomfort. In case of a dental emergency, the sooner you get treatment, the better. It is even possible to save a knocked-out tooth if you receive treatment within an hour.  For a Red Bank Emergency Dentistry Specialist, Dr. Conte and the team of experts at Conte Dentistry provide comprehensive and top-notch dental care for any dental emergency.  For a dental emergency in and around Red Bank, call and schedule an appointment immediately.

What is considered a dental emergency?

You should contact a professional dentist if you experience:

Debilitating Pain

You can sometimes get a toothache that is unbearable. Although you can choose to take painkillers and ignore the pain, the best thing is to consult with your dentist immediately. This is to ensure you get adequate pain relief as well as identify the underlying cause. You might think that it is only a simple toothache, but it may be linked with a health issue concerning the nasal tissues and ears, mainly if the pain seems to originate from the same area. Simple painkillers will only give you temporary pain relief, while proper diagnosis will help give appropriate treatment and avoid complications.

Foreign Object Between Teeth

You may use your tooth to bite all types of stuff instead of using the correct tools. As a result, you might get injured and could get a foreign material stuck in between your teeth. If this occurs to you, you should see a dentist right away. Don’t try forcing any foreign matter out, as this might increase the pain, cause bleeding or damage your gums and teeth. The dentist will assess the area and use professional instruments without imposing any further damage.

Fractured or Knocked-Out Teeth

Have you been involved in a bar fight or accidentally bump into something hard that caused your teeth to get chipped or break? A quick visit to a dentist can save your teeth. Carry your broken or knocked out tooth to the dentist to increase your likelihood of keeping your natural teeth intact and avoiding the extra cost of getting a bridge or crown procedure.

Gum Infections

Some people tend to ignore oral problems because they think they can handle the pain. This procrastination might lead to more significant issues that will require emergency dental services. The formation of pus on the gums is a sign of infection and might go deep into the gum tissue, leading to severe gum problems or tooth loss. If you have any sign of infection, you should seek dental emergency services.


Bleeding might result from trauma in the lips, gums, or tongue. You can try to stop the bleeding by putting a cold compress on the area, but it is best to visit your dentist immediately if it does not stop.

To sum up, dental injuries and pain can be so upsetting. While some dental issues can wait for a day, with the reviewed issues, it will be best to seek dental treatment immediately. The compassionate team at Conte Dentistry provides effective pain relief options and will customize a treatment plan to manage your dental emergency and leave you feeling better again. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

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