Five Symptoms to Know Your Car Needs an Immediate Oil Change

Five Symptoms to Know Your Car Needs an Immediate Oil Change

Your vehicle takes you wherever you want to go. It is your tamed horse that listens to every command of yours. But to make it run that way, you need to take good care of it. The vehicle you own will come with a user manual that comes from the behalf of its manufacturer saying how to do it. Be it the dates of maintenance for each of its components, to handling each of them, it will guide you through every step of keeping it well, all your life. But if you fail to follow its instructions well, it can lead you to trouble that you can address only by making the corrections in time.

Here we would talk about some of those troubles, that can wreck up due to lack of maintenance, and can be addressed by undergoing some basic servicing like an oil change. In other words, if your car starts showing the following symptoms of trouble, know that an oil change can fix them back in no time, assured a senior level mechanic of the South Haven oil change department.

High Fuel Consumption

When your car was driven home new, it promised you of a certain mileage capacity, and it kept its word for long. But now that your car has aged for more than a couple of years, and you have missed or skipped a few of its maintenance schedules, you suddenly realize that you need to stop by the pump station more often than usual. That is certainly a sign that your car engine is struggling hard to carry out its tasks. The reason behind is a block in its compartment, where the metallic parts are greased because of the dust and debris accumulated on them. The reason behind this is a soiled oil filter that is unable to keep the external pollution out from the engine oil reservoir. Changing the engine oil along with the filter after flushing out the existing one can save your car from further damage.

Engine Making a Knocking Sound

If your car engine is making a knocking sound, whenever you are trying to key it on, it is a sign of a misfiring happening in the engine. This sort of issue can escalate into a stage where the ignition system can stop working gradually and prevent the engine from working as well. This issue too can be fixed by changing the engine oil, since that will rejuvenate the entire engine system, including the ignition system.

Check Engine Light Staying On

One of the most common issue is the “check engine” light getting to turn on and staying back. It may also start blinking, only to let you know that the car engine is facing some issues. According to the mechanic we spoke to at the center for oil change service near South Haven, it is by changing the oil, that this warning light on the dashboard can be turned off and the car engine can be given back its original performance capabilities.

Clare Louise