First Teeth Whitening Appointment: Here’s What to Expect!

First Teeth Whitening Appointment: Here’s What to Expect!

Everyone wants a perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved over the decades, and one of the simplest and popular procedures is teeth whitening. While whitening dental products promise to clean and “whiten” teeth, nothing compares to in-clinic whitening. Before you book an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Orlando, here’s what you need to know about the procedure. 

Who Needs Teeth Whitening?

Because of age and other factors, your teeth can change color. More often than not, you may see significant changes in enamel color. Simply put, teeth whitening is a procedure where the dentist uses professional-grade products and tools to whiten your teeth. Various factors cause teeth staining and discoloration, such as inadequate oral hygiene, eating certain foods, drinking too much coffee or tea, and certain medications. Smoking or the use of tobacco can also cause staining. 

Understanding In-clinic Teeth-whitening

You can visit your dentist for an appointment, and if your gums are healthy with no evident signs of tooth decay, the procedure can be done on the same day. The whitening product will be applied to the teeth, following which your dentist may use special laser light. If you have extremely stained teeth, it can take a couple of sessions to get desired results. One session of teeth whitening can last for about 60 minutes, and you should see immediate results. Many dentists also use the Philips ZOOM! Teeth whitening system, which can help in getting bright & white teeth in just one session. Ask your dentist if they are using products that contain amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), which can protect your enamel. 

Are the Results Permanent?

Unfortunately, no. As you continue to eat certain foods and beverages or use tobacco, your teeth will become stained again. However, with proper oral hygiene, including regular brushing and flossing, you can expect the results to last for up to six months. In any case, you should see a dentist at least once in six months. 

Other Things to Note

Note that teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure and not covered under insurance. Many clinics offer discounts and special offers, which can help in saving money. Your dentist may suggest a few aftercare tips to avoid sensitivity. How frequently can you get teeth whitening done? It depends, but your dentist will not do the procedure too often as that can impact the enamel. There is no downtime to teeth whitening, and you can go home immediately. 

“Do I Need a Cosmetic Dentist for Teeth Whitening?”

That’s often a question that people ask. While most dentists can do the teeth whitening procedure, a cosmetic dentist can help you fix some of the other concerns. For instance, if you have chipped or broken teeth, your dentist may suggest using veneers. There is also a wide range of other cosmetic treatments to fix your smile and other aesthetic dental problems. 

Ensure that you select a cosmetic dentist who is experienced, known, and is available to answer your questions.

Ishat Narain