Find your ideal fit with these riding boots for wide calves

Find your ideal fit with these riding boots for wide calves

Finding riding shoes for wide calves can be difficult – especially if you are also looking for long riding shoes that are either small in size or not of regular length. Of course, in many cases small shoes and half chips or gutters are an option – half chips often have a wide range of wide feet, not limited to the size of your feet – but sometimes fit well.  Here is a pair of high heel shoes. Exactly what you want.

Always check the size guides when choosing between different pairs of shoes – there will be slightly different steps for regular, wide, and extra-wide for each brand, and while your size may not be catered for one, It could be another. It is also important to know that when you buy shoes for the first time they should feel tight because when you wear them they soften and fall off – it is not uncommon for you to add a new pair. Need help from a friend or shop assistant?

Trade stands at big shows, such as badminton horse trials, are a great place to buy shoes with a wider calf – there will be a wide selection to choose from, and stand holders can help you put them on. ۔ ۔ ۔ But if you are still unlucky enough to find long boots for wide calves, your next option is to try to measure the shoes.

There is a wide selection of riding shoes suitable for calves and boots that are available with a wide range of fittings.

Brugge Modina riding shoes

Hayes riding shoes are made of easy-to-care and durable synthetic leather, making them suitable for vegetarians. They are available in two calf widths – wide or extra wide – and are a great option if you’re on a budget.

Hi equestrian Tuscan field show

Available only in a wide fitting, these Hy Shoes are made with a special blend of genuine and synthetic leather to offer a soft and comfortable Womens Country Boots with offset. Synthetic stretch leather hugs the calf’s shape closely without restriction, allowing for accurate and controlled movement of the legs. These boats include breathable lining, hygienic insulation, anti-skid sole, super guard, and full-length YKK zipper.

Ringold Lexus long leather riding boots

Meeting a wide range of sizes, these shoes are available as standard four calf widths, but they are also available in extra shorts (with four calf widths) and extra widths in sizes 3–8. They have a wide, smooth zipper on the back of the boot and two nice, elastic leather straps for a comfortable fit. With super guards and a secure grip sole, these shoes are practical as well as smart.

Mark Todd long leather boots

These Mark Todd shoes are available in five different fittings according to the different shapes of the legs. Made of standard leather with a soft synthetic lining, which makes them comfortable and easy to wear, these boots have rubber needle soles, a full-length zipper at the back, and elastic at the top. There is a binding tab. Also available as dress shoes without laces.

Premier Equine Maurizia Lace Leather Long Riding Shoes

Designed specifically to sculpt women’s figures, these Premier Equine Boats have a carefully flexible panel that runs parallel to the rear zipper to fit custom. They also have a complete frontless system that allows for proper fitting adjustment.

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