Fertility Preservation Techniques That Help You Plan Your Dream Family

Fertility Preservation Techniques That Help You Plan Your Dream Family

Having a baby is one of the most celebrated moments in an individual’s life. You may spend years planning for your dream family, but when you’re ready to conceive, your plans for the future may come crumbling down once you realize it’s impossible. Celebration fertility preservation entails state-of-art techniques to help you retain your fertility.

What Is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility preservation refers to the process of helping individuals or couples retain their ability to conceive in the future. Experts often recommend fertility preservation for cancer patients whose sperms or eggs may be destroyed during chemotherapy rendering them infertile. You can also consider this procedure to plan your dream family. Fertility preservation gives you ample time to prepare yourself financially and psychologically to give your kids a comfortable life. Some of the procedures the reproductive endocrinology professionals may offer for fertility preservation in women include:

  • Embryo freezing.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF).
  • Mature oocyte cryopreservation.
  • Artificial insemination.
  • Medical ovary suppressing.

The team recommends semen cryopreservation for men to keep the sperm healthy and viable until you’re ready to use them.  In case you’re unable to naturally produce semen, the caring team at the Center for Reproductive Medicine may conduct testicular aspiration. They then use a thin needle to retrieve healthy sperm from the tissue and preserve them for future fertility.

   When Should You See a Doctor About Fertility Preservation?

The team recommends seeking consultation about fertility preservation techniques that can work for you before beginning your chemotherapy. The reproductive endocrinology experts understand that cancer treatments such as chemotherapy destroy your chances of conceiving, command urgency, and cannot be delayed. The team offers advanced consultations before your chemotherapy and also discusses the detrimental effects the treatments may have on your reproductive system. They also conduct a thorough medical exam and discuss the available fertility preservation techniques that may help you retain your ability to have biological children.

Why Should You Regard Fertility Preservation?

If you’re about to face medical procedures that may interfere with your fertility, you should consider fertility preservation. One of the medical conditions that may rob you of your chance to experience the joy of giving birth is cancer and the treatments involved, such as chemotherapy. The medical practitioners at the Center for Reproductive Medicine offer thorough examinations and on-site lab testing to determine the best fertility preservation techniques for you. They provide personalized procedures and discuss fertility preservation techniques you can use to conceive in the future, such as artificial insemination and IVF. You can also consult with the team about fertility preservation techniques if you’re not ready to have children at the moment but would like to have them in the future. Preserving your sperm or eggs at a younger age guarantees successful fertilization and healthy pregnancy in the future,

If you’re at risk of losing your ability to conceive due to specific medical therapies, contact the Center for Reproductive Medicine or schedule an online appointment for fertility evaluation.

Daniel Pauly