Everything you need to know about physical examinations in Fort Worth, Texas

Everything you need to know about physical examinations in Fort Worth, Texas

Do you ever wonder what a physical exam is? It is more than just a check-up. The best way to boost your health and longevity is by committing to preventive care and medical screening. Clover Internal Medicine Associates provides proactive preventive care and physical exam in Fort Worth, Texas. Therefore, you will achieve good long-term health outcomes and peace of mind.

Physical examination

It might be intimidating to visit a doctor, so it is important to confront the fear and make an appointment with a medical specialist. Annual physical exams help you make a better commitment to self-care and vital health choices. An average physical exam includes:

Update health history. Your physician asks you about new changes in your health history, such as the question about your job, relationships, medication, allergies, recent surgeries, and supplements.

Vital sign checks. It involves checking your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Visual exam. Involves review of your appearance for signs of any potential conditions

Physical exam. Your physician uses tools to examine your eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. The exam includes;

Inspection of your skin, face, neck eyes, abdomen, muscles, neck vein, and throat

Palpitation to check for abnormalities

Neurologic examination for assessment of the cranial nerve and motor function

Auscultation for checking your heart and lungs

Laboratory tests. To complete your physical, your doctor may draw blood to test for irregularities in your body.

Medical screening

During your physical, your physician may request screening tests depending on your gender. However, screenings such as HIV test, hepatitis c test, diabetes, lung cancer, depression, colon cancer, syphilis, cholesterol, osteoporosis, and STD screening are done to everyone.

Women screening tests

Mammogram. Conducted depending on your personal history and family history of breast cancer

Breast exam. It is used to check for abnormal lumps and signs of breast cancer.

Pap smear. Screening for cervical cancer.

Men screenings

Prostate-specific antigen tests and rectal exams to screen for prostate cancer

Testicular exam to check for lumps, size change, and tenderness of the testes.

Benefits of physical examination

Preventive care in your physical exam will help decrease and ease anxiety and depression over time hence protecting your overall health.

Medical screenings will help you protect your future finances since illnesses are far less expensive to prevent than to treat.

Annual medical screening reduces the time spent at the doctor’s office by decreasing the likelihood of more complex illness in the future.

The proactive approach by developing healthier lifestyle habits such as exercising regularly, good sleeping hygiene, and managing stress helps prevent many chronic and degenerative diseases.

Cessation of tobacco, alcohol consumption in moderation, eating a nourished and balanced diet helps you prevent future illnesses such as lung cancer due to smoking and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Physical therapy helps you to take charge of your mental health and overall well-being.

Consult your physical exam specialist today

A physical exam is a frank discussion about health, habits, and future conditions.  With your physician’s help, you can tackle signs of potential problems with a proper plan. Book an appointment today with a team of experts in Fort Worth, Texas at Clover Internal Medicine Associates and find long-lasting change for better sleep, healthier body weight, increased energy, and better mental clarity.

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