Everything you need to know about getting a commercial license in Dubai

Everything you need to know about getting a commercial license in Dubai

To get started with the process of creating a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates you’ll need to decide what type of license you’ll need. This will be entirely dictated by the nature of your company’s business operations and operations. There are various sorts of licenses to pick from, including commercial, industrial, and professional.

The latter, commercial, is the area in which we will be concentrating our efforts. Trading, importing, and exporting items is permissible under a commercial license within and outside the United Arab Emirates. You are also permitted to sell some services under the terms of the license. For various reasons, the commercial license in Dubai is quite popular in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is renowned worldwide for its excellent, strategic trading location – bordered by large markets in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East among other things.

Additionally, the UAE’s large number of international airports, combined with its easy access to the Persian Gulf, makes it extremely attractive to cargo companies and shippers.

What exactly is a commercial license in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

In its most basic form, a commercial license in Dubai is a permit that allows you to trade goods and provide specified services. The business license enables you to trade in practically any type of product you can imagine, from jewelry and toys to packaging, food, and electronics, among other things. If you have a business license, you can also sell services, such as brokerage and real-estate services.

Activities involving commercial licenses

The following are only a few of the activities that can be carried out with a commercial license:

  • Import/export
  • A general store is a store that sells a variety of goods
  • Construction of plumbing and sanitary systems
  • Installation and maintenance of radio and television stations, as well as movie theatre equipment
  • Automobile trading is a business that involves the buying and selling of automobiles
  • Shoe exchanging is a popular pastime
  • Trading in storage tanks and silos
  • Cold storage facilities are available
  • General warehousing and distribution
  • Self-storage facilities are available
  • Rental services are available
  • Management of a restaurant

To acquire a complete list of allowed commercial business operations, please contact the Department of Economic Development (DED) or get a company formation consultant in your area.

Daniel Pauly