Effects of Crooked Teeth and Effective Remedies

Effects of Crooked Teeth and Effective Remedies

Crooked teeth are a big challenge for growing children and adults alike. Your smile looks different, and your teeth don’t function as they should. Brooklyn Heights Orthodontists are your trusted professional for teeth problems if you are searching for Brooklyn teeth straightening. Failure to correct crooked teeth can lead to the following issues:

  • Having crooked teeth puts a dent in your self-esteem, and you may find yourself avoiding social situations. Being discontented with your physical appearance is detrimental to your mental health, and it can even adversely impact your romantic pursuits.
  • Misaligned or crooked teeth are usually prone to excess wear. Such teeth can harm the gum and jaw muscles, and in extreme cases, they cause temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). TMJ affects the jaw joints and surrounding ligaments, and when not treated, the person suffers earaches and headaches.
  • People who have crooked teeth may encounter speech difficulties like having a lisp. This problem can affect how you pronounce certain words and make you self-conscious when speaking.
  • Oral hygiene becomes difficult because crooked teeth are harder to clean. Tooth decay starts gradually due to plaque accumulation, which paves the way for periodontal disease. If this problem is not appropriately addressed, it can lead to permanent damage to teeth and jawbone.
  • Crooked teeth usually come about due to a misaligned jaw, leading to the upper and lower teeth protruding and making chewing a challenge. Improper chewing of food can affect digestion or even cause choking when larger sizes go down the esophagus.
  • Crooked teeth make oral hygiene difficult, and bacteria can multiply and colonize the mouth. Bacterial infections in the bloodstream can cause heart problems.

What are the possible remedies for crooked teeth?


Braces are dental devices that exert pressure on misaligned teeth to help them straighten over time. They are also effective in correcting jawlines that don’t fit properly, thereby improving your smile. Your orthodontist will discuss several kinds of braces and their effectiveness in fixing your dental problem. You can choose between ceramic, metal, and invisible braces depending on your preference.

Cosmetic dentistry

If you don’t wish to wear braces, there are various cosmetic solutions available for you. For instance, you can wear veneers or dental bonding to give the illusion of perfectly aligned teeth. Veneers will also conceal chipped teeth or significant gaps between teeth that affect your smile.

Palatal expanders

This solution is ideal for children whose adult teeth are more prominent than their mouth, so they end up with a crossbite. An orthodontist will insert a palate expander between the top arch of the teeth so the device will push growing teeth apart gradually. This process creates space for adult teeth to come in as the jawbone continues to grow.

In summary, it is prudent to correct teeth problems at the onset, and the best way of diagnosing anomalies is through regular dental checkups. Adults who have neglected to fix such issues still have a chance at improving their smiles and correcting speech problems like having a lisp. Schedule your appointment today to discuss the available treatment options.

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