Effective and Top Standard Septoplasty Treatment in California

Effective and Top Standard Septoplasty Treatment in California

Have you ever thought of having a plastic surgery procedure? What would be your reason for having it? People carry out plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures for various reasons including enhancing your beauty, restoring your appearance after medical treatment, and as a health condition treatment. Whatever your reasons are, it is essential to choose the best and most qualified plastic surgeon. It is critical to ensure the success of the procedure and excellent results. Alexis Furze MD specializes in providing otolaryngology services, facial and reconstructive plastic surgery, and head and neck plastic surgery. The practice offers many techniques including septoplasty Newport Beach. Call or book online to learn more about their treatments.

The practice led by Alexis Furze, MD offers authentic and quality care to promote health and better lives. The patients benefit from outstanding results from the highly experienced specialist. The private practice focuses on improving the body’s functions and life quality through quality and effective treatments. Dr. Furze uses the latest and advanced techniques to offer the best care for various treatments including septoplasty. Visit the practice today for guaranteed excellent results.

What is septoplasty?

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum problem. The septum is the cartilage and bone inside your nose separating your nostrils. The septum is usually straight, but it can occur bent or deviated, blocking the nose.

It is normal to have different-sized nostrils due to a crooked septum. However, in some cases, the misaligned septum may lead to:

  •  Headaches
  •  Snoring
  •  A runny nose
  •  Sleep apnea
  •  Facial pain
  •  Frequent nosebleeds
  •  Difficulty breathing
  •  Postnasal drip
  •  Recurrent or chronic sinusitis

The extent of the symptoms depends on the degree of the misalignment. However, a severely deviated septum can have a demeaning effect on your life quality.

A septoplasty treatment is the only effective procedure for a deviated septum.

What to expect during a septoplasty?

After examining your nasal cavity, the highly skilled doctor creates a surgical treatment plan to address your problem. Each septoplasty is different from the other; hence, a qualified surgeon is critical. Dr. Furze has plastic surgery qualifications that add to his knowledge. He can also address your cosmetic concerns while treating your septum for excellent results.

During the procedure, Dr. Furze administers anesthesia depending on your treatment. He then makes an incision in the mucosal lining of your septum to reach the cartilage and the bone below. He then straightens and repositions your nasal septum by cutting and removing some parts of the structure before placing them in a new position.

Dr. Furze works on leaving enough cartilage bone intact to maintain the structural integrity of your nose.

What does a septoplasty recovery involve?

It is possible to return home after your septoplasty procedure. Dr. Furze uses splints and internal sutures to stabilize your septum after some time and removes them later. A septoplasty is a noninvasive procedure compared to other nasal surgeries. However, it is advisable to observe the following.

  •   Apply cold compresses
  •   Keep your head elevated when sleeping
  •   Avoid strenuous activity when on recovery
  •   Taking pain medications as advised
  •  Refraining from blowing your nose for a week

For successful results, Dr. Furze evaluates your progress every step of the way. The treatment should be working after three to six months.

To sum up, a septoplasty procedure helps correct a deviated septum and allow proper breathing. Visit the Alexis Furze MD, practice for services you can trust.

Paul Petersen