Easy Options for Selling Your House

Easy Options for Selling Your House

If you are thinking of selling a house , perhaps to move to a bigger one, then know that you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. The real estate market has recently suffered a lot from the effects of the economic crisis and it is more difficult to sell a property than in previous years.

All this involves a greater attention to the details of those who want to buy so you have to pay close attention to presenting your home in the best way. In this article we will look at five tips for best selling your home.

Dove.it is a real estate agency that relies on technology and the best agents in the area to guarantee its customers a correct evaluation and sale of the house at the best price and in the shortest possible time. By simplifying the processes, it is able to offer a zero-commission service for those who sell while keeping the human relationship between customers and agents at the center of its offer. To sell your house fast you need the right direction.

Consider a small remodel

Given the abundance of properties for sale at all prices, both new and used, one has to be very impartial in judgment and ask oneself if there is anything that could somehow discourage a potential buyer. The problems can be many, from the wooden floor by now faded, the fixtures a little ruined, the walls that need a refresh or the sanitary fixtures that are too dated. All this certainly does not play in your favor in the sale and therefore it would be advisable to fix them trying to remain as neutral as possible so that it can please the majority of people.

Prepare all necessary documentation

Before putting your property up for sale, you must obtain all the necessary and indispensable documents both to make a real negotiation and to be able to define the correct sale price. You will need: deed of sale, energy certifications, cadastral plan, any condominium documents relating to thousandths and the calculation of expenses with the relative bills already paid and documents certifying a possible mortgage or the lease agreement in case it is rented to others.

Decide who you want to rely on to sell your home

You have to decide whether to proceed with the negotiations privately or to be followed by a real estate agency. Both are valid choices, it depends on the time you can dedicate to the sale and how long you want to conclude. The agency naturally has its costs which are around 2.5% of the final sale price. This could also increase if you decide to have extra services such as home staging, which consists of a kind of momentary restyling of the house, or if you want your ad to have a privileged position on various real estate sales sites. The advantage of relying on an agency is that it does all the work you would otherwise have to do on your own, like advertise the sale and search for the interested buyer. He will also take care of establishing a fair price and showing the house to potential buyers. It will follow the whole path that goes from the purchase proposal to the actual deed of sale with the deed, which some agencies offer at discounted prices thanks to agreements made with the notaries themselves.


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