Dropshipping: A Step beyond Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping: A Step beyond Affiliate Marketing

Understanding the various kinds of moneymaking online programs can help you identify that “niche” that will ultimately bring you the highest amount of money.

For many, affiliate marketing might be a bit daunting as it is influenced by reports, reviews marketing, advertisements, and sales. When it comes to affiliate marketing the online entrepreneur, is an intermediary: You lead users to your site (or your landing pages) which is then your duty for you to persuade them to purchase on a different website. If you are successful in achieving your goals, you will receive some of the revenue and leads, which came, through your website. There are some drawbacks to this:

1.) You do not influence the seller’s site.

2.) You should depend on their ad copy just as you rely on your ad copy to make the sale eventually.

3.) You lose sales tracking capabilities when the customer quits your website. Monitoring sales for ad campaigns is extremely difficult.

4.) You are competing against the other affiliate marketer.

5) The compensation could be low and beyond your control.

For instance, advertising a product of the website’s founder, who is known to alter the price and commission of the product frequently might make you earn $30 per sale. Other times, less than $8 (for this SAME item!). As an affiliate marketer, what will you do? You have to either accept it or leave them as affiliates.

What other alternatives can you consider to lessen these problems?

The closest affiliate marketing program marketing that eliminates or reduces the issues associated with affiliate marketing is dropshipping. Amazon Dropshipping is directly selling the item, and you are not the intermediary. It is like buying wholesale and slashing the cost for each item but with a twist! It allows you to buy the item after you have a customer purchase the item from you. Moreover, the product is not stored in your possession and is delivered directly to the customer.

Let us take an example. You wish to sell iPods. You first locate a drop shipper who sells the item (at the price below market price to you). Then, you build your website, such as an eBay auction site, Amazon Shop, etc. When a customer makes a purchase and you are back on the Amazon website, place an order on their behalf with their address information, and the transaction is concluded. The amount you earn is the difference between the final buyer cost and wholesale price plus the shipping cost and dropshipping fees. Let us say your iPod’s wholesale cost is $150, and you can sell it for $200. Dropshippers charge the customer $18 for shipping and $2 for the drop ship cost. The profit you earn from the sale is then $30.

What would you do if your Amazon account has been suspended?

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Paul Petersen