Dental Implants, What You Need to Know

Dental Implants, What You Need to Know

Dental problems affect both your smile and your oral health. Your smile matters as it enhances your appearance and promotes your confidence. Hence the need to protect and preserve it for better living.

If your smile makes you feel insecure due to missing teeth, dental implants in The Woodlands may help. They give a lasting solution to your smile, restoring your smile and confidence. Call the dental implants experts at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands to schedule your appointment.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth root replacements for missing teeth. The procedure involves inserting titanium screws in the jawbone to give a strong foundation.

 Dental implants provide the best treatment option for missing teeth compared to dentures and bridges, as they give a permanent solution. The titanium posts merge with the jawbone to form a stable and durable anchor, offering a long-lasting solution.

The implants are highly effective as they function like your natural teeth, hence becoming the most preferred treatment. They also do not interfere with your eating and do not require much to maintain them.

Why Should You Get Dental Implants?

Whether your missing teeth result from trauma or tooth decay, among other dental problems, they may cause various dental issues such as:

  • Speech problems that may cause low self-confidence affecting your life quality.
  • Difficulty chewing, when you have missing teeth chewing may be complex and painful, causing you not to eat some foods, leading to poor nutrition.
  • Bone loss, missing teeth may cause bone loss which affects your face and jaw structure.
  • Shifting teeth, your teeth may shift, causing misalignment due to the excess space created.
  • Missing teeth may also lead to loss of confidence, anxiety, and depression, affecting your social life and general health.

Dental implants help you solve all the problems associated with missing teeth and improve your smile and dental health. The implants attach directly to your jawbone, enhancing a healthy stimulation. It helps preserve your bone tissue, thus maintaining your face shape and appearance.

What Does Implant Surgery Involve?

Oral Facial Surgery specialists at the Woodlands use state-of-the-art techniques to offer extensive and effective implant surgery. The implant surgery involves various dental procedures for:

  • Placement of the implant.
  • Placement for the abutment.
  • Restoration.

Dr. Muñiz and the expert team at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands use advanced and modern dental techniques. They offer a single-stage implant procedure where you do not require the process for abutment placement.

In a case where you need an extraction, your provider places the implants on the same appointment saving you time and cost. This modern technique for single-stage implants at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands makes your surgery process easy and faster.

How to Maintain Your Dental Implants?

Dental implants require daily care and maintenance, as you would your natural teeth. With proper dental care including, brushing twice a day, regular dental cleanings, and check-ups, your implants may last up to four years.

Talk to a Dental Implant Specialist Today

You do not have to suffer from low confidence and other issues associated with missing teeth. Dental implants provide you with a long-lasting solution for missing teeth, improving your dental health and smile.

Call the Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands today to schedule your consultation.

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