Custom Bed are one of the most important THINGS IN A HOUSEHOLD. Whether the room is big or small it is the wish of every parent to decorate the space according to the needs of the child. Child-proof the house, make sure to keep it decluttered, and fill it with fun toys for the kids.

When the kids are small the crib is usually the place for them to rest and be safe in there. But the children grow up too fast in the blink of an eye to be exact they grow up in centimeters as the age increases. They grow out of the cribs and now it is time to get their beds.

Shopping for a kid is incredibly fun and adventurous. There are different themed beds and sheets of assorted colors and sizes as well. the preferred bed types for kids are usually the twin bed, hanging bed, lofts, or differently designed beds. It is all up to you to get them something comfortable to ease their steps into life.

Keeping the above in mind you can decide if you wish to get a new bed or to design something for your kid. Just as we design everything according to their arrival it is an excellent choice to design a custom bed for them. Why? Because making a bed will show your love and appreciation towards them and it will be an adventure for the kid. A good moment to strengthen your bond with the little ones.

One type of bed that you can go with is the usual traditional style of bed. It can be either square or rectangle and a low profile one to help them in getting on and off the bed. Make sure to have a safety frame around the bed that can be lowered or moved back up to prevent the falling of the child.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep the bed childproof, when designing in square or rectangle shape make sure there are no pointy edges on it, curve or around the edges, and sand them so there are no splinters to hurt the kids. Keep them polished to maintain their sheen and prolong their life.

You can also design the bed in such a way that it looks fun like in a letter of their name such as L or O these shapes are easier to design and keep the room open for further space. The l shape can be used as a side seat for the worktable as well for the kids to study.

Just like all of us kids love to color and toys. Design the bed in such a manner that you can put toys on the headrest in a closed space to the bed to be gained easily. The best way to do so would be by making the bed of a particular theme. Your kid must love or adore a character or animal you can design the room or bed according to the little one’s choice It is a terrific way to boost mood and make them happy.

Clare Louise