I really enjoy experimenting with food. I absolutely love to cook. It’s definitely one of my favorite creative outlets. One way that I try to make this happen is coming up with some really cool marinades and sauces. I never buy store bought marinades or packets anymore.

When I first got into this, I started using my Cuisinart food processor to make almost all of these marinades. I couldn’t believe how much easier it made the whole process. Chopping herbs was basically the bane of my existence. Cutting them with a knife is just annoying, especially when they need to be finely chopped. I also can’t stand herb scissors since the herbs tend to get stuck in between the blades. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut my fingers on them trying to get them all out. It’s super frustrating.

I also use a lot of fruit purées for marinades and sauces. I’ve used any fruit you can imagine, within reason of course. This is so much easier with my Cuisinart food processor. The purées come out to the perfect consistency. It’s really like magic.

Unfortunately I had to put my creativity on hold for a few days because when I was getting my Cuisinart food processor out to get started, I accidentally dropped my work bowl on my kitchen tile and it cracked. A friend recommended that I visit KitchenWorksInc. to get a replacement. They sell authentic Cuisinart DFP 14 parts. I ordered a couple of replacement work bowls since I can be clumsy, along with some extra blades and the shredding blade just to have on hand for the future if I needed them. At this rate, I would.

In a few short days I was back on track to making my delicious marinades again. An idea struck me: I could make these up and give them to my family and friends as gifts. Anyone who had ever tried my creations really enjoyed them.

I made them up based on what I knew my family’s preferences were. I came up with a lot of creative ideas. I made a spicy peanut sauce for my dad, a raspberry and rosemary purée for my mom, and a chili garlic sauce for my brother. They were all very pleased with what they received. Pretty soon the requests were coming for more.

I finally started giving samplers of three different marinades to my extended family as gifts too. It’s so much fun and it saves me a lot of money on store bought gifts. Plus they’re healthier and free of preservatives. My family is now encouraging me to start selling them, and I’m actually considering it. Anything is possible with my Cuisinart food processor.

Sheri gill