Common Noises from Air Conditioner That Indicates Your AC Is in Need of Repair

Common Noises from Air Conditioner That Indicates Your AC Is in Need of Repair

As technology is growing, so are appliances improving in functionality. Most modern air conditioner units provide perfect temperature control for our rooms without making absolutely any noise. When you are sleeping, you should not notice the operation of your air conditioner apart from the change in the indoor temperature because of the sound dampening technology that these appliances use today. 

However, if it is not the case and your aircon units are making exceptionally loud noises, it is time to get it checked and look for issues that may be causing the unfamiliar sounds. Some issues are minor and need simple repairs while others can cost you a lot of expenses. Early detection is important if you want to save expensive repair for your air conditioners. 

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8 common air conditioner noises


  • Often a sign of broken part in the compressor, banging noise might also mean unbalanced indoor blower.
  • A loose part can be repaired, however, if the damage inside the compressor is more, you might need a replacement. 


  • When the electronic control or thermostat of the air conditioner unit is failing, it results in constant clicking noises. 
  • The cause of the clicking noise should be immediately repaired to prevent major electrical damage in the system.


  • When the blades of the fan become loose and hit other parts of the unit during operation, it produces a clanking noise. 
  • Other loose parts of the sealed unit or compressor can also produce this noise and mostly indicates the need for a replacement. 


  • Lower refrigerant levels, dust accumulation on coil and filter, or loose parts of the blower can produce a buzzing sound. 


  • A very loud squeal comes from failing fan or blower motors. 
  • Malfunctioning of housing unit or blower when can also cause squealing. 


  • Generally, loose wiring causes humming and can be easily corrected.
  • However, when the humming noise is coming from a failing compressor, you should invest in a new air conditioner unit. 


  • This noise should not be ignored as it can be very dangerous. 
  • Immediate professional help should be called for as a refrigerant leak or increase in internal pressure causes screaming, which can be hazardous for the health of your family. 


  • It is the helicopter kind of noise and is mostly because of problems with the mechanical parts like bearings. 

When the air conditioner unit is old and making noise during its operation, it is advisable to replace it with a new unit because more often this is caused by default in its compressor or refrigerant unit which will require very expensive repairs. This is why buying a new unit will be more cost-effective in such a case. 

You must contact a professional aircon service provider to investigate the issue that is causing the problem with its operating noise and let them provide an affordable solution. 

Ishat Narain