Colonoscopy: Preparing for Your Screening Visit

Colonoscopy: Preparing for Your Screening Visit

Suppose your primary care physician has referred you to a specialist for colonoscopy in Lima. In that case, chances are you could be having colon polyps, have abnormal bowel symptoms, or have colon cancer. Seeing an expert helps clear your doubts instead of assuming you have a minor digestive issue. The exciting news is colonoscopy is a quick process that works when you are under local anesthesia. So, if your doctor has recommended that you go for colonoscopy in GI Physicians Inc., here is how to prepare for it and what you can expect from it.

  • Plan for it

Like any other screening procedure, you need to have the best source of information about how to prepare for it. When you book your appointment, your doctor will give you specific instructions. Go over it, and when you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor about it. It will also help if you take time off work and ask someone to accompany you on the day of your colonoscopy.

Your doctor may also ask you to come with critical essentials days ahead, including wet wipes, diaper cream, an over-the-counter laxative, and low fiber meals. If you are unable to access them, inform your doctor in advance.

  • Watch your diet

Now that you are going for colon screening, the last thing your doctor wants is to discover you have been indulging in a heavy diet 3 to 4 days before your procedure. Eat anything low in fiber, such as fruits without peels, white bread, spaghetti, rice, eggs, or vegetables without peels. Mind avoiding raw vegetables, seeds, nuts, corn, broccoli, or other hard-to-digest meals. Also, if you have been on vitamins or other supplements, the best time to quit is when you are going for a colonoscopy.

  • Eat and drink clear

Thick food or drink, like beef and milk, hinder your doctor from observing your colon/ large intestine. The day before your colonoscopy, your doctor may ask you to avoid eating anything heavy. You are only allowed to take clear drinks like apple juice, white grape juice, and water. You are also permitted to drink coffee or tea as they digest faster. If you take alcohol or any other drink that makes it harder for your doctor to see, now is the best time to avoid them.

  • Arm yourself with laxatives

Laxatives help clear your digestive tract from heavy food substances. Before your colonoscopy, your doctor may ask you to drink a ½ gallon of liquid laxative to flush the food you ate the night before. Your doctor may also recommend that you take another ½ gallon. If the laxative does not taste appetizing, you can flavor it using a sports drink. Alternatively, you can drink it using a straw using the back of your tongue. Drink it with something tastier to avoid puking it out.

Schedule your colonoscopy screening today

Whether you want to know if you have colon cancer or determine the cause of your bowel problem, going in for a colonoscopy can help clear your doubts. If you are unsure about how to prepare for it, ask your doctor for guidance. To find out more about colonoscopy preparation tips, schedule an online appointment with your colonoscopy doctor today.

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