Collapsed Drains: What Causes Them And How To Fix It?

Collapsed Drains: What Causes Them And How To Fix It?

Collapsed drains aren’t only messy but equally unhygienic and can result in severe disruptions. Gutters finding difficulty flowing freely might cause the water to escape somewhere else in the surrounding area. It can cause damp patches on the building walls and floors. It can also give rise to strange odours, slow drainage and unpleasant grass patches followed by sewage accumulated.

A Sutton drain survey is one way to diagnose collapsed drain, and there are other ways of interpreting the problem.

What Causes Drains To Collapse?

There might be numerous reasons behind a collapsed drain, like wear and tear, tree roots, blockages, freezing and melting, etc. Here are some of the best-known causes of collapsed drains for which you might have to seek assistance from London drain survey experts is:

·        Wear And Tear

The pipes are bound to undergo wear and tear when it ages. The drains age with the building. Excessive wear and tear resulted in the drains collapsing. Wear and tear on gutters happen because of frequent usage of surrounding objects like structural sediment and ground heaves. I

If you realize the wear and tear of drains, you must order a London drain survey immediately to determine the problem’s severity.

·        Tree Roots

The tree roots can get attracted to the trenches that are home to underground pipes and drain. The tree roots usually grow to access nutrients and water. The disturbed soil can help tree roots to flourish. This is because the tree roots can travel in loose soil easily, unlike on hard ground or even on hard floors. With tree roots gripping this area, the pressure increases around the drains, ultimately leading to collapsed drains.

Call London drain survey today to address the problem if you come across tree roots creating havoc for your drain.

·        Freezing AndMelting

Winter weather, based on how low the temperatures can drop, can prove fatal for your drains. With the freezing and expansion of the Earth, the surrounding ground of the pipes moves. After that, when the temperature begins rising, the frozen Earth will melt and result in the settling of the land.

This procedure can cause the sagging of drains which ultimately makes them collapse.

Maintain low heating throughout the night if you want to avoid this problem. This will also ensure the drains can maintain a good water flow. You can even schedule an appointment with Sutton drain survey if things don’t look fine and you don’t feel like checking it yourself.

·        Ground Movement

The underground drains might experience pressure from natural calamities like flooding, heavy rain and earthquakes. These natural calamities can result in breakage and cracks, resulting in collapsed drains.

If you are sceptical about your drain, then it is time to conduct a Sutton drain survey. Only a professional drainage survey can identify the root cause of collapsed drain.

How To Address Collapsed Drains?

If you come to know that you have collapsed drain, then the ideal solution is to get it checked through the London drain survey. Only the right drain survey experts can resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. They are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that can cure your collapsed drain. Fixing collapsed drain would need the skill and expertise of a professional technician.

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