Charged with domestic violence in Vancouver? Call a lawyer!

Charged with domestic violence in Vancouver? Call a lawyer!

Regardless of whether you are guilty or not, when you are charged with domestic violence, you have the right to defend yourself. Proving your innocence may not be easy with self-representation, which is precisely why you need a Vancouver criminal defence lawyer. A good and experienced lawyer will be able to negotiate terms of release better, and more so, because prosecutors and the police don’t usually want to discuss things with the accused. With limited or no legal understanding of how things work, it is best to rely on a criminal defence lawyer. 

Need for legal representation

So, why would you want a lawyer by your side? It is important that you understand the actual seriousness of domestic violence charges. Even when you are not convicted, you may lose your right to contact or talk to the person you have assaulted, and it could be the condition for your release, regardless of what the victim wants. In case there are young children in a marriage, there could be an order that would prevent the accused from visiting the kids. However, it is not just about these conditions, but you also need a criminal defence lawyer in BC to reduce the risks of being convicted. More than anything else, this can impact your chances of employment and your ability to travel to some countries. In some cases, this can affect your rights as a parent. 

Finding the right criminal defence lawyer 

There are some amazing criminal defence lawyers in Vancouver, and the best ones have their own websites, so you can find more about their areas of specialization. Make sure that you talk in depth with your lawyer and ensure that they have a clear understanding of your case. To hire the top lawyer, check their recent cases and ask about clients they have defended for similar charges. Another thing to note is the fee of criminal defence lawyer. When it comes to criminal cases, lawyers cannot work on a contingency basis, so they will either charge a block fee or by the hour. Either ways, ensure that you have a fair idea of the case and related expenses, and don’t shy away from asking questions. 

A good criminal defence lawyer is your best bet at ensuring that your life doesn’t get altered by domestic violence charges. Check online now to find more on the best-rated law firms in Vancouver, and if needed, ask for references. 


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