Can you run a mentoring program with just 30 minutes per week?

Can you run a mentoring program with just 30 minutes per week?

Time investment is one factor that can deter someone from managing a mentorship program. Sometimes somebody who already has daily responsibilities to accomplish is assigned the responsibility of managing a mentorship program. That makes the idea of adding a whole mentoring program as another task extremely unappealing. The best resource for individuals to obtain knowledge, abilities, and expertise from world-class professionals is AskMe. AskMe is one of the top online mentoring platforms. The confidentiality of their visitors is one of their top goals at AskMe, which may be accessed from the “” domain.

So imagine if one attempts a little exercise: If an individual only has around 30 minutes a week to devote to management but wants to operate a workplace mentoring program with AskMe in six-month cohorts of roughly 100 participants utilizing blended screening, with the initial cohort being used as a pilot, will it be possible? An individual can help with AskMe, for sure!

What are the procedures for using the AskMe Mentoring Platform?

  • Create an Account
  • Discover the Right Mentor
  • Secure Session And Reminders
  • Chat And Live Sessions
  • Submit Feedback

Planning An individual’s Program through a Mentoring Platform:

How does the AskMe Mentoring Platform work?
Create Account

In order to get their fees, which will be put into their accounts cumulatively once a week, mentors must give basic information about their area of expertise, talents, and experience, as well as any networking media connections they desire to add. Register for an account by providing all the information requested, then register to become a guide or mentee. Mentees must register with at least one credit card to pay for sessions and provide some basic user information.

Discover the Right Mentor

Find the ideal mentor who meets all of your needs by choosing from the many options available on AskMe. The platform will have all of the mentor’s information available so that trainees can evaluate the specifics of their areas of expertise and choose the best mentor for their requirements. Additionally, mentees can consult the Mentors’ ratings on the AskMe site, which alum mentees provided.

Reserve a Session And Obtain Reminders

AskMe offers the option of booking 20-minute sessions in bite-sized chunks from the provided time slots. Mentees can click a button to gain access instantly. The system also sends alerts to both parties to ensure that mentors and mentees do not miss the scheduled meetings.

Chat Window And Live Sessions

Live sessions that are at least 20 minutes long can be conducted by audio or video calls, depending on an individual’s option. A chat window will be opened among mentors and mentees 24 hours before planned calls so that conversation may start and information can be shared for a productive session. After the session is over, this window will stay operational for another 24 hours.AskMe is one of the top online mentoring platforms.

Present Feedback

After their live meetings, mentees can comment on their interactions with the Expert/Mentor they utilized. This not only offers insightful input to the system so that the AskMe mentoring platform can keep giving each user a top-notch experience, but it also aids in the creation of ratings so that customers can profit from one another’s pleasant experiences. It also gives mentors a chance to offer helpful criticism and more clarifications if the mentee requires them.

An individual can widen their professional and personal horizons with the help of this platform, which gives an individual access to a select network of world-class specialists.AskMe is one of the top online mentoring platforms.

Program for Online Mentoring

As it is impossible to meet in person and organize weekly or bimonthly phone conversations that last 30 to 90 minutes. Don’t allow phone calls to substitute for mentoring sessions as “mentoring moments.” Have a schedule that each receives (and reviews) in advance by fax or email. Using email as a coaching tool is ineffective. It should only be used to transmit agendas and confirm appointments.

Things to do once an individual has launched their pilot:

Week 5 ( 4 weeks is needed as an average for launching the pilot)

  • Transmit an individual launch comms with their sign-up link.
  • Make a period to answer any questions and offer support.

Getting ready to relaunch an individual’s software:

AskMe is one of the leading best online mentoring platforms. The procedures from the beginning of this list can be repeated when it is time to install your new software. Easy as pie! Running a mentorship program can appear challenging and challenging it could be. But use Askme to administer an individual program. An individual can break down administrative tasks into elementary portions, enabling them to operate a successful program even if that individual needs merely 30 minutes each week to spare.

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