Can You Get Married Again Without Getting a Divorce in Alabama?

Can You Get Married Again Without Getting a Divorce in Alabama?

The beauty of life is that it can give second chances to people. If you fail an exam, there is a way to sit for another exam and get better marks. In case you don’t win a race the very first time, you can participate next year. Basically, life will give you several chances, but you have to grab the opportunity and work hard to get it right the second time.

Similarly, maybe your first marriage is not as beautiful as you hoped it to be. But this does not mean that you cannot find love the second time.

Many men and women wish to know whether they can bring home a second wife or a husband without taking a divorce from the first one. Please note that there are certain religions that allow second marriage without divorce from the first one. However, Alabama has some laws related to this scenario.

You cannot get married to another person without putting an end to your first marriage. In this case, you can take divorce and move on in life.

The question is – how do you end a marriage without any drama? We would suggest opting for an uncontested divorce.

The Perks of an Uncontested Divorce

  • Less of Drama
  • Takes less time to put an end to your previous marriage
  • The couple reaches a mutual agreement before going to the court
  • Marriage ends without any bitter note. You shared a life with a person, so it is best to talk to your former spouse and put an end to your marriage.

It is possible that they were thinking about it beforehand, but could not say it to you.

An uncontested divorce is cheaper as compared to a contested divorce. It costs $390 for an uncontested divorce without minor children. In case there are minor children, it will take $490 for an uncontested divorce.

If a second marriage is on your mind, we would suggest you hire a lawyer for an uncontested divorce in Alabama. They will handle the paperwork and also help you with negotiations.

In case you are wondering which law firm to choose – the Harris Firm is one of the leading law firms in Alabama. You might not even need to appear in court. 

Do not commit the mistake of bringing a second wife/husband home without a divorce. Your first husband/wife may file a case against you. Thus, get a lawyer on-board and get some legal advice today.

Daniel Pauly