Best Kind of CBD Packaging and Your Choices

Best Kind of CBD Packaging and Your Choices

Pack yourself option is engaging, but it will save you a lot of money and reduce your relocation budget. You can achieve enviable results and quality packaging yourself, as long as you follow these tips for precise packaging and maximum protection of your personal belongings. These guidelines for arranging packed items and belongings in boxes are especially valuable, because if they are well arranged and strengthened, you will save yourself from breakage and damage. And last but not least the better you pack, the easier it will be to unpack in the warehouse. For CBD boxes this is important.

Packaging Tips: Preparation

CBD users recommend professional packaging materials such as soft paper, wrapping paper for sealing, specialized tape, masking tape, mock-up knife, scissors, markers, professional boxes for personal belongings.

The Right Cartons

CBD product manufacturers have a wide range of cartons and specialized packaging materials that you can purchase from them, namely:

Box type A: for CBD containing accessories. They are double-walled boxes, additionally reinforced for fine glass and crystal bottles, for carrying CBD oil or other liquid CBD products;

Boxes type F: used for heavy objects such as large quantity of CBD gummies, CBD vape boxes.

Boxes type L: for bulky and light things such CBD oil, CBD wax or cream;

Boxes type M– They are used for air shipments and for international relocations;

Z type boxes: large wardrobe-type boxes, which are used for storing all kind of CBD products;

Wardrobe boxes: in them you can store hemp plants, CBD oil or solids. They can be used for international movements by sea or land (but not with group age shipments, except at the explicit request of the client). These CBD Vape Boxes are for the large quantities.

Picture boxes with different sizes for CBD oil containers or CBD tincture boxes.

Packaging foil – used for additional protection of CBD products most often from dust, dirt.

Basic Packing Tips

If you have decided to pack your CBD Packaging products yourself, you must be ready with all the boxes and products before the truck arrives in front of your house. This means that the night before loading you must have closed the last box, having previously separated the fragile items and which you will pack on the day of loading or will not send by truck at all. Here are some tips to help you:

Do not leave the packaging for the last minute, because you never know how long it will take you and whether you will be ready by the day of loading;

  • Start with things you don’t use often, like things from the garage or attics;
  • Pack room by room so you can organize the rest of the time;
  • Determine exactly where in each room you will arrange the packed items;
  • Once you have finished packing in one room, sort the boxes by size so that you can facilitate and shorten the loading process;
  • Packaged cartons must not weigh more than 20 kg;

It is best to leave the moving company to take care of the strengthening and packaging of CBD oil and other CBD products stored in glass containers.

Clare Louise