Benefits of Visiting a Gynecologist

Benefits of Visiting a Gynecologist

Your reproductive health and wellness as a woman need to be top. Therefore, look for medical assistance whenever you experience a health problem. It could be a vaginal infection, frequent cramps, or heavy bleeding. Seeing a gynecologist is essential as they do proper checks in your reproductive system and know where the problem is. In Phoenix, some professionals can offer a wide range of gynecological services. It helps in the improvement of your health hence boosting your confidence as a woman. Pay a visit to a top-notch Phoenix gynecology facility. What are the key benefits of seeing a gynecologist?

Birth Control Guidance

It’s a significant thing as a couple to plan on the number of children you can comfortably raise. As you do this, consider using a contraception method. These days, birth control is even common among persons in relationships so long as they are sexually active. By seeing a gynecologist, you’ll receive guidance on the method which works best for you.

For instance, the doctor will go through your medical history, examine your health, and, most importantly, listen to your needs. There are countless treatments they can opt for, from pills, rings, patches, birth control shots, and IUDs. The specialists will provide you with the merits and demerits of every method.

STD Testing

Even as the cases of sexually transmitted diseases are increasing, it’s possible to keep yourself safe by adopting healthy sex habits. However, as a sexually active person, you may need to take STD tests from time to time. It helps in confirming or ruling out any infection in you. With easy detection, you stand a better chance of protecting others and curbing the effects of the disease early.

A gynecologist can do an accurate test by taking samples of your blood and urine. Sometimes it may involve a swab at the cervix. They will later forward the sample to a medical lab to show if it’s positive or negative for infections. In case you have an STI, they will put you under treatment mainly through antibiotics. However, since STDs such as herpes and HIV/ AIDS lack a cure, you’ll be put under medication to reduce the effects and stabilize your health.

Conducting an Annual Exam

As a woman, it’s a good thing to take an annual exam as this acts as a proactive way of dealing with reproductive health problems. The doctor will do a PAP smear during such yearly exams, which effectively detects cancer even at the early stage. When done right, it even shows if there are precancerous cells around the cervix. A PAP smear helps the medical team to refer you to a specialist who can offer the appropriate cancer treatment.

During such examinations, there is also focus on other parts such as the heart, lungs, abdomen, and breasts. Combining this with the pelvic exams brings a clear image of how your general and gynecology health is.

Paying a visit to a gynecology center is significant as there are different services you can get. For instance, they offer guidance on the birth control methods you can choose. Also, they can be a worthy option when it comes to STD testing and pelvic tests. Finding a top-notch specialist is, however, significant.

Ishat Narain