Benefits of Egg Freezing Every Woman Should Know

Benefits of Egg Freezing Every Woman Should Know

The power to have children when you want to and when it is the right time is the primary reason why most women turn to freeze their eggs. Egg freezing should be performed by your reputable reproductive endocrinologist  Dr. Michael Cho, who removes your eggs from the ovaries then freezes them for use when you are ready to start a family without having to worry about reaching menopause. Modern medicine has revolutionized how and when women choose to have babies.

Younger women are significantly more fertile than older women, making them have a higher success rate when freezing eggs. Any woman who wishes to freeze their eggs should do it as early as possible. Preferably, women should freeze their eggs before 40 years since, past that age, only a few clinics would be willing to offer egg freezing. If you are considering freezing your eggs and are not sure if it is the right decision, the following benefits should be enough to convince you.

To avoid the consequences of limited egg supply.

Every woman is born with all the eggs they will ever have in their lifetime. They are in millions, and by the time menopause hits, there are almost no eggs left. Peak fertility is during the 20s when the rate of getting pregnant is approximately 25% every month. At 30 years, the rate of pregnancy decreases to about 15% each month. By the time women get to 40, the pregnancy rate drops to an average of 5% per month. At this time, it becomes a massive challenge to conceive. Early menopause and premature ovarian failure are the leading causes affecting the egg supply. However, egg freezing is an excellent solution for women to use their eggs and conceive biological children.

To minimize the effects of cancer treatments.

Chemotherapy and other treatments of cancer tend to interfere with or end fertility. Reproductive cancers could also cause the removal of a woman’s ovaries. Luckily with egg freezing, you can reduce the effect of various cancer treatments on fertility.

Egg freezing reduces fertility anxiety.

One of the benefits of egg freezing is the relief and relaxation most women feel afterward. Mainly our biology does not always allow us to follow our preferred timeline. Some women experience fertility anxiety, especially if they think their fertility is declining and cannot have a baby at that moment. Egg freezing gives women improved mental health when they know they can have a baby when the timing is right. It alleviates the pressure allowing them to live as free as possible.

It gives you time to find the right partner.

One of the most significant benefits of egg freezing is giving women better dating lives. Most women choose to freeze their eggs because they do not have the partner they want to have children with. Egg freezing is an excellent choice for single women to avoid the pressure of settling for someone they are not sure about.

Egg freezing is an excellent option for women who would love to gain control over their reproductive cycle. Remember, no matter what reasons make you choose egg freezing, the benefits are the same for every woman. Freezing your eggs will preserve your youth and your health. 

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