Audience Targeting Tips for Your SEO Campaign

Audience Targeting Tips for Your SEO Campaign

While attracting huge organic traffic may seem a great achievement, it may not always be so unless the quality of the traffic is also relevant. That means that the percentage of organic visitors to your site must be such that the potential of this traffic converting into sales must be greater. That way, you get a much better and more relevant conversion rate. The right SEO company in India will help you target your audience the best way. 

So, let’s find out some ways to get better at targeting the audience in your SEO campaign.

Check for specific search habits

Find out if your target group has specific search habits. If your demographic has such a search habit, learn about them and target them during your entire campaign. Then, they will prove a really good source as your target audience. Opt for a top Digital Marketing Company in India to get the best audience targeting tips. 

Research long-tail keywords

When you have a relevant target audience and a particular stage of the buying cycle in mind, you should research and create a relevant list of long-tail keywords and phrases and gradually edit them to relevance. 

It would be a good idea to use a keyword research tool for this purpose. Such tools truly help in keyword research of long-tail keywords and then point out relevant topics for you to develop appealing topics for your target audience. Here, you may first think of surveying your target audience to understand the topics you would like to have.

The correct niche

Finding the correct niche is the primary need. The audience you have chosen must be the most important to you. It may require that you make a switch in your target audience to have a better percentage of conversion rate.

It pays to conduct surveys and do some market research. These will help you settle with an audience that is most likely to be interested in your brand.

Social Listening

It is a good option to tap into social listening. Social listening will help you learn more about who your prospects are and what they desire to see.

With such demographics, you can then monitor trending topics and find out how they interact with other brands. This will help you understand their sense of dispositions, wants, and also their values.

Segment according to the buying stages

Always segment your target audience in keeping with the different stages of the buying cycle. Then, keep updating your site accordingly.

You won’t have the same target audience resting upon one stage at all times. You will also want to shift your focus from one stage to the other constantly. So your content also will need to be shifted to focus on your customers accordingly.

You may shift your content to focus on prospects who are ready to buy (where relevant content may be a guide to buying), and then from there; you may wish to shift the focus onto something like building awareness in potential customers regarding certain existing problems and how your brand has taken care of it.


During a campaign, don’t limit your focus to a single target audience. Almost always, it pays off to divide your SEO tasks among different demographics. Another way out is that you begin with a particular demographic, and when you have gained prominence there, you may expand and foray into other audiences as well.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How is your current audience being targeted?
  • What tools do you make use of when targeting an audience.
  • For demographic research, what is your POA? Which tools will you use?

Targeting an audience is an integral part of any SEO campaign. The higher your target quality is, the more valuable and relevant it will turn out to be. This ensures a better ROI as well. At initial stage you can run ppc marketing services, they to have good ROI as well as indirectly helps in SEO, if contents are awesome and relevant.

Daniel Pauly