Arm Lift Procedure to Help Enhance Your Looks

Arm Lift Procedure to Help Enhance Your Looks

Pushups and other traditional methods can help increase the muscle mass in your arms. This is okay when you want to cut weight and have a better body. However, these efforts can go to waste when you have a lot of skin in your upper arms. If a lot of skin in your upper arm is standing between you and your beauty goals, Dr. Talal Munasifi can help. What you get from the doctor are experiences and techniques that will reduce any skin and give you the look you desire.

How Can an Arm Lift Improve Your Looks?

Just like any part of your body, the arms can accumulate fat, making them fall out of shape. Hanging flesh can significantly impact your self-esteem, as it might affect your choice of fashion and other activities you do. With an arm lift, you get an opportunity to redefine your looks. The procedure offers the chance to clear out the excess skin, which does not respond to exercise or any form of diet in most cases. Many people have flabby skin due to age as they lose fat at a higher rate.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for an Arm Lift?

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center uses meticulous approaches that determine the technique that fits your profile. Therefore, one way to determine if you are a good fit is with an appointment at the center. There you get specialists with a personalized approach in dealing with your issue.

How is the Procedure Done?

Your doctor will give you all the insights into the procedure during the initial appointment. The procedure takes several hours and begins with anesthesia, just like many other surgical procedures. You feel no pain during the procedure itself, which is only after the anesthesia has kicked in. After the procedure, you can walk home and expect a call from the center frequently to monitor your healing progress.

How Long is the Recovery Period After Having an Arm Lift?

Patient’s recovery times vary, and your situation could depend on your general health and the underlying medical issues you have. In general circumstances, you could leave your house five days after having the procedure. Additionally, you can go back to your job if it requires little effort, especially from your healing arms. A point to note is that you might need over a month to go back to heavy, energy-intensive tasks.

Can You Have An Arm Lift With Other Procedures?

An arm lift can go well with body contouring procedures, which focus on the entire body. The procedure can help cut down fats for health purposes or even for aesthetic purposes to have your body in a better shape. Contouring procedures you can have besides an arm lift include:

  •         Tummy lift
  •         Thigh lift
  •         Body lift

Body looks can have a significant influence on your overall well-being. However, with the services of Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, you can achieve the redefinition you want. Begin your journey to a redefined body shape by booking your appointment online or calling the center for the procedure.

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