Are you Looking to Sell your Firearms in Tampa Bay, Florida?

Are you Looking to Sell your Firearms in Tampa Bay, Florida?

Are you looking to sell your firearms in Tampa Bay, Florida? Welcome home. Here at Blackwell Auctions, we are looking to list your firearms on the best auction sites for potential buyers to buy at the highest prices. We are more specifically interested in buying antique firearms such as Winchester, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Glock, Browning, Remington, and many more.

What is Considered Antique Firearms?

Any firearm with a receiver made before 1st January 1899 is considered antique by state and local laws. This determination may vary from state to state. However, when the actual manufacture date of the frame/receiver is before 1899, the gun is labeled antique. For antique firearms, you are not required to have a Federal-Firearm License when buying or selling guns across state lines, hence their popularity.

Why are Antique Firearms so Popular?

With each passing year, pre-1899 firearms become more valuable. That’s why you can receive a good amount of money for one of these guns. These firearms are a great long-term investment that only appreciates in value. Thus, collecting firearms is like preserving a piece of history.

Why Sell Your Guns at an Online Auction?

Less Waiting

Online auctions are going on all the time. Some auctions can take as long as 15 days, and others can be as short as three. If you utilize a “Buy it Now” option, your item can sell even more quickly, though you may wonder if you earned the most money for your gun.

Offer a Lower Percentage to Sellers

Many online retailers offer a sliding scale with low percentages and a minimum charged fee, as well as for “optional services.” These lower fees make sense to you since you, the seller, are doing all the work except hosting the website listing. However, some sites still assess a fee to list your item, even if it sells or not. At Blackwell Auctions, they specialize in connecting firearm sellers with interested buyers, cutting out some risk and associated fees.

Extreme Convenience

When you work with us, you will sell your firearms at your convenience. In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. Here they save you the trouble of being physically present at an auction. You can upload your firearm to an auction website, and they will do the work for you. You can do all of these in the comfort of your home and still get your firearm sold.

A Simpler Process

I bet you know how overwhelming a traditional in-person auction can be. Although they can be super fun, most people usually have no clue what’s going on. A traditional auction can be exciting with skilled auctioneers, but since everything happens verbally, it can be hard to keep up and figure out bid increments at a given time. However, when you work with us, making the entire process is simple and headache-free for you. The necessary paperwork and transfer and transport of the gun directly to the buyer.

Help You Determine the Value of Your Firearm

If you have an antique firearm and are wondering what its market value is, you don’t have to worry because an auction site does that for you. They offer real value estimates free of charge or obligation. Commission fees are competitive, and they don’t add photography fees or any of those items. They understand that sometimes you are under time or financial constraints. Sometimes, if you wish so, they can simply purchase the property outright.

Below explains some of the factors to consider when pricing your antique firearms.


Antique firearms are rare. The rarity of a gun affects its value. Antique collectors are more willing to pay premium prices for novel items or early models manufactured in small quantities. However, if you have guns that are examples of early technical innovations, they can command higher prices. Some buyers are willing to overlook any minor defects or condition problems for those items.

Artistic Appeal

The artistic appeal of an antique gun can influence its pricing. This is because only a few firearms are carved with fine engravings, which add to their artistic value. Thus, most of them are prized more as art pieces for the fine engravings. These were typically manufactured from the 18th to the 19th centuries. This period was known as the “Golden Age” in firearms engraving. Therefore, a gun that originated from this era can command a good price.

History or Provenance

The provenance of a gun refers to any historical association it might have concerning its previous ownership. Thus, if a gun or firearm was owned by a specific person or used in a historical event, it would appeal to certain collectors. Or better yet, the firearm could be a part of a royal armory in the past. Wyatt Earp, an icon of the American West, had a colt .45-caliber revolver that sold for $225,00 at an Arizona auction in 2014. We determine the provenance of a firearm by doing some research. When a firearm has a special interest, it will significantly increase in value.

Clare Louise