All-Inclusive School Physicals in Texas

All-Inclusive School Physicals in Texas

School physicals can be performed for children of all ages, ranging from those just about to enter school to those who are about to complete college. Dr. Kyle Scarborough of Family Life Medical is dedicated to offering all-inclusive school physicals in Conroe, Texas. Besides, he offers all the necessary documentation for children as they join the new school year. To find out more about Family Life Medical, call the office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

At what age do children require a school physical?

The age can vary from one school to another or by the school district. Typically, most schools and colleges request that newly admitted students have a school physical. Also, students joining particular grades or engaging in certain athletic programs are required to have a school physical.

Even if a school does not need a physical for entry every year, getting annual physicals before the start of the academic year can be a great way to assess your child’s general health and wellness because it allows for early diagnosis of emerging health concerns.

What forms should be completed for a school physical?

Every school has its guidelines. Nonetheless, most schools provide the student with a health appraisal form. Dr. Scarborough can complete the form to verify that your child is in good health.

What comprises a school physical?

In general, a school physical has two sections. Dr. Scarborough starts by reviewing medical history with the individual and their parents. This medical history cross-checks all significant injuries or illnesses in the past, past surgeries, allergies, significant illnesses in the family, hospital stays, and a list of all the past and current medications.

The second section of the school physical is a physical exam. It generally includes an assessment of the patient’s crucial signs and a weight and height check. Dr. Scarborough also checks the patient’s eyes, throat, nose, lungs, ears, and heart. Flexibility level, strength, and reflexes are also evaluated in the typical school physical.

How long will the results of a school physical be deemed valid?

In many schools, a school physical is generally valid for 12 months from the date of examination. There might be exceptions to particular groups, for instance a special education student’s school physical might be valid for up to 3 years in some institutions. Students and their parents should consult with their schools to determine if their current school physical is valid before starting the new school year.


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In conclusion, Dr. Scarborough is a family practitioner at Family Life Medical, located in Conroe, TX offering care for the entire family. Because school physicals are an essential part of determining your child’s general health and wellness, it is best to access the services at a reliable provider. To get started, call the office or use the online booking tool to request an appointment.

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