All About Diabetic Neuropathy- How to Deal With the Complication

All About Diabetic Neuropathy- How to Deal With the Complication

Diabetic people face various health-related problems including weight loss, kidney issues, and heart disorders. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the problems which diabetic people encounter. It can be referred to as damage to legs and feet nerves. It is strongly recommended to keep a check on how it is developed. If you experience it, you need to look for a suitable treatment for diabetic neuropathy in Naperville. You need to know more about this condition so that you can take the right steps at the right time.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

Before you look for the right healthcare professional, you should get familiar with the symptoms. Below mentioned are a few of them:

  • Cramps and pain
  • Numbness
  • Infections and ulcers
  • Burning or tingling sensation
  • Bone and joint pain

If you experience the above symptoms, you must get in touch with a healthcare professional without any further delay.

Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy 

The exact reason for this condition is still unknown. However, the expert points towards a few of the reasons, which are explained below:

  • Kidney problems- The increased levels of toxins in your body due to kidney damage may give rise to diabetic neuropathy.
  • Weight- It is amongst the most common reasons for this medical condition.
  • Smoking- This habit contributes a lot to diabetic neuropathy because the blood flow in the arteries is reduced which sends less blood to the legs and feet. It can damage the peripheral nerves to a great extent.

Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

The treatment of this medical problem may include managing weight, eating healthy food, exercising, and relieving the pain it may cause. Some of the options are elaborated as follows:

Medicines- The patient gets some relief from the nerve pain by taking anti-seizure and anti-depressants. They can be combined with other painkillers.

Altered lifestyle- In order to get some relief from this condition, it is strongly recommended to alter your lifestyle and add more physical activities such as Yoga, brisk walks, cycling, running, and other cardiovascular exercises. This way, more blood flow will be pushed to the legs and arms, which can give some relief to the pain.

Controlling diabetes is one of the measures of this medical condition. It is suggested to take proper medicines for blood sugar and avoid taking foods, which are high in sugar content.  A healthy lifestyle can change the overall outlook of your life.

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