After All, How Is 3D Designs Revolutionizing Interior Design IN 2021?

After All, How Is 3D Designs Revolutionizing Interior Design IN 2021?

In interior design, something fundamental is the creation of plans and sketches of architectural design. Therefore, to guarantee customer satisfaction, 3D projects have gained more and more prominence. Unlike 2D sketches, Foyr Neo 3d modeling software reproduce the final result in a much more detailed and realistic way. But do you know all the benefits that this tool has been bringing to interior design?

More peace of mind during model development

A fundamental point during the implementation of a design project is to guarantee the client’s peace of mind. After all, many feel lost during the process since most do not have much knowledge about this area. However, when the architect has the help of 3D projects, the client feels more included in the work since he can better understand what is being elaborated and can give more appropriate suggestions.

Thus, the process becomes much smoother and the client’s only concern will be to enjoy his new environment when the project is finished.

More quality at work and confidence in the professional

Finally, 3D designs also ensure much more quality for the architect’s work. As they allow the visualization of details, the performance of tests and the facility to manage changes, the project will certainly be much more aligned and well elaborated.

Thus, the client gains much more confidence, as the professional is able to perceive not only the quality of the service provided, but also the concern of the architect in ensuring that the final result is exactly what he wanted.

Various layout options and possibility of changes

Another benefit generated by the use of 3D designs is the facility to create numerous layout options. This is due to the resources provided by the software used in this process. With them, it is possible to change colors, materials, finishes and the arrangement of elements easily, allowing the desired changes to be made quickly and effectively.

This is very interesting for both the client and the architect. After all, you can create different combinations and possibilities to find the most suitable to the tastes and needs of the customer.

Lower project costs

In very complex projects, it is quite common for several changes to occur before reaching the final result. This is due to customer dissatisfaction with some details of the project. The problem with this is that changes require rework, which means wasted time and money.

However, with 3D designs, this inconvenience does not occur as often. After all, the client has access to the details of the design before the work is started. Thus, any necessary changes can be made in a few hours and without great costs.

Detail view

For the client, it is extremely frustrating when he approves a project that he liked, but the final result does not match what was expected. This can happen with 2D projects, as they do not present so many details and end up not being a faithful sketch of reality.

The 3D model guarantees much more fidelity since it presents an excellent level of detail. Thus, it is possible to meet the expectations generated and avoid disappointment of the customer.


As you can see, using 3D designs guarantees several advantages for the architect and for the client. Also know that there are several tools that you can use in this process, such as Foyr Neo, AutoCAD, and Sketch up, 3Ds Max, Solid Works, etc.

In addition to them, we also have the V-Ray and Lumina, which are used in the post-production of 3D modeling to perform the addition of textures and the enhancement of the image, getting as close as possible to a realistic photo.