Adopt, Don’t Shop: 3 Ways You Can Save a Life

Adopt, Don’t Shop: 3 Ways You Can Save a Life


Do you feel as though you’re missing something in your life? Finding a furry friend is a great way to improve your mental health while helping an animal in need.

However, if you want to bring a pet home, remember the key phrase; adopt, don’t shop! Though some will advocate for purchasing from a breeder, there are so many beautiful pets currently in shelters.

If you’re not sure why you should adopt from a pet rescue, keep reading for some of the most compelling reasons to visit your local shelter.

  1. Prevent Overcrowding and Euthanasia

It’s no secret that many shelters suffer from overcrowding due to the number of animals found on the street or surrendered to shelters. 

When shelters are overcrowded, two things can happen. The first is that they cannot accept any more animals, leaving pets in vulnerable situations. Between abusive households and hoarding situations, this can be fatal for animals.

The other situation is that pets will be put on a euthanasia list. If these animals are not adopted by a specific date, they are put down in order to create space for other animals to enter the shelter.

Instead of purchasing a pet from a breeder, adopting from a shelter helps stop overcrowding while preventing innocent animals from being put down. 

  1. Reduce the Demand for Backyard Breeding

Though you may desperately want one of those adorable purse puppies, they come with a steep price. Many breeders are not reputable, leading to cruel conditions for the animals.

Because they are looking to make as much money as possible, backyard breeders will often sacrifice the health and wellness of their animals. This can leave the animals sick and distressed.

By choosing to rescue a pet instead of purchasing from a boutique pet store, you can reduce the demand for these backyard breeders. Because more people are looking for rescue pets, fewer animals have to suffer in mills where their only objective is to breed and sell pets. 

  1. Offer a Second Chance

Finally, one of the best reasons to rescue a cat or dog is to offer an innocent animal a second chance at life.

Many animals that enter shelters have been rescued from the streets, surrendered by previous owners, or saved from abusive situations. These animals have often never experienced love.

By adopting a shelter pet, you can offer a welcoming home to your new best friend. Though you may need the help of to train your pet, you’ll be giving an animal a second chance at life. 

Adopt, Don’t Shop: Find Your “Soul-mutt”

Well, what are you waiting for? Your rescue dog, cat, or rabbit is waiting for you to come and help them!

Start your search by looking up “where can I rescue a pet near me?” in your search engine. You’ll find plenty of local shelters looking to adopt out animals in need.

If you found this guide to the reasons you should embrace the “adopt, don’t shop” motto helpful, you’ll want to check out the rest of our website. There, you can find more great pet tips and tricks.

Ishat Narain